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Domestic Appliance News

Beko To Expand
Beko To Expand
No Replacement Stock
No Replacement Stock
Samsung US Plant
Samsung US Plant
Beko To Expand

In a recent interview Arcelik's (better known here as Beko) CEO Hakan Bulgurlu has said that the company in looking to expand and appears to be very interested in Asian markets.

Beko to expand into becoming a global businessBeko and it's parent only recently launched a line of small appliances that we reported on a couple of weeks ago but it's got bigger ambitions and if that means mergers or acquisitions (M&A) are what it takes, it seems that will be considered.

"(M&A) is important because we have global ambitions," Bulgurlu told Reuters, "We're opportunistic. We're not restricted on size in any way."

Could we see a sale or a merger as large as the recent Indesit/Whirlpool deal? From Mr Bulguru's comments we wouldn't count out the possibility although, there's not too many big brands left to buy!

Of course there are many that don't even blip on European or North American residents radar such as the $250 million purchase of Dawlance Appliances in Pakistan that Beko bought in 2016 or its purchase of Defy Appliances in Africa a few years ago. It has also expanded through buying brands such as Blomberg and Grundig here in the EU.

It isn't all good news though and while Bulgurlu stood by Arcelik's forecast for revenue to grow 20% this year from 16.10 billion Turkish lira ($4.43 billion) in 2016, even though its overall home market could grow faster than the 3% it had previously forecast.

The stronger market in Turkey is due to a recent government move to reduce a tax on white goods in order to spur demand. However a poorly performing Turkish lira has made imported raw materials such as oil, steel and plastic more expensive, impacting profitability.

"There's a lot of uncertainty in the world," Bulgurlu said, also citing the weak pound that has caused inflationary pressure in Britain, which accounts for 10% of sales.

Beko has had to raise prices on some UK products and expects that to adversely affect demand.

"I think demand will taper off a little," Bulgurlu said, noting however that Arcelik still aimed to double its business in Britain in the next five years, even as the country's exit from the European Union raises questions about the economy and the future of foreign workers.

"It will continue to be our most important market outside Turkey," he said.

Arcelik opened a research and development center in Cambridge, eastern England, last year, in an effort to take advantage of a British tradition for scientific innovation.

"We want to tap into that and take that pure research and make it applicable to appliances," Bulgurlu said, citing potential for smart appliances such as refrigerators that know when food is going bad and ovens that can keep food cool until its time to cook.

However Beko plans to expand, it could be interesting as they are already establishing a presence in the USA and that probably has the long established big players like Whirlpool and Electrolux if not worried, at least concerned.

No Replacement Stock

We hate to say we told them so on the topic of the dryer modification program but… we told them so…

Whirlpool runs out of tumble dryers and the shock is, people are shockedBack a ways we told any media that asked us that, if Whirlpool were to offer replacement dryers carte blanche rather than a repair or modification that stock of replacement would run dry and, there's no fast way to ramp up production to meet the monumental increase in demand.

Therefore were we surprised at the latest glorification of this coming to pass in the Telegraph among others?

Not even a little.

We told everyone this would happen and now that it has and there's low or no stock of replacement dryers it's somehow a shock?!!

The Telegraph reports that the replacement option appears to be under threat as Whirlpool is failing to keep up with demand for replacement tumble dryers. It has confirmed that it is currently sold out of three out of eight of the models it is offering to affected customers.

A spokesman declined to disclose which models were unavailable, how long they had been out of stock, or when they would come become available again.

So here's the thing, you don't just roll up and say, we want to make an additional million or so dryers this year. That stuff is planned way in advance and production capacity is preset for months if not a year or more in advance. Raw materials need bought, components bought in, capacity on the production lines and the capacity of the machines and tooling are all geared to a "normal" volume.

To alter that is a mammoth effort and it takes many, many months.

So much so, people might well be faster to have the dryer that they currently have modified.

It is not ideal and we get that but, we don't live in an ideal world sadly and the resources are what they are. We'd bet Whirlpool are doing all they can to make this go away though as, seriously, this is becoming an embarrassing saga that's costing them vast sums of cash to sort.

That whole buying Indesit deal and all the problems it brought along with it ain't looking too sweet a deal now for Whirlpool we'd think.

Samsung US Plant

Not to be outdone by arch nemesis LG, Samsung have voiced an interest in opening an appliance manufacturing plant in the USA.

Samsung looks as if they might open a US production plantWe'd suggest that Samsung have bigger issues than getting around the import duties that have been slapped on them by US authorities and Mr Trump's policies but hey, what do we know?

Nevertheless a media event to introduce the company’s latest washing machine Suh Byung-sam, executive vice president of the digital appliances business of the consumer electronics division (snappy title eh?) at Samsung, admitted that the company is looking seriously at moving some proaction into the USA.

“The company is observing recent global trends in order to enhance competitiveness abroad,” Suh said. “It is considering a plan to open a plant in the US as part of mid- and long-term strategies.”

The Wall Street Journal on the same day, said the South Korean company is expected to invest $300 million for a new US production plant.

Who knows, Samsung might even manage to build machines there that don't shake themselves to bits or go on fire.