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We have been informed that Beko, who seem to be suffering from a run of bad luck, are recalling some of their popular tumble dryer models due to a faulty capacitor used in the 2012 model year Beko tumble dryers.

The modification seems to be simply to replace and relocate the exixting motor capacitor in the affected tumble dryers as a precautionary measure although quite why this is being done is currently unclear.

However, it has been noted by sources that the capacitor in question, that Beko want back for inspection, is used in many other brand's tumble dryers and not just in Beko. The fact that Beko want the replaced capacitor back would tend to indicate that the fault lies with the actual manufacturer of the capacitor and not Beko as such. It would not come as a surprise if Beko were to claim the cost of this remedial work from the component supplier nor would it be a surprise if we see more tumble dryer recalls of a similar nature if the part is common to other makes.

Of course this will be done free of charge for owners of the affected Beko tumble dryer models.

Sources ahve indicate that the affected models of tumble dyrer are as follows:

DC7110W, DCU6130S, DCU6130W, DCU7230B, DCU7230S, DCU7230W, DSC64S, DSC64W, DCU6130B, DC7041W

Should you have one of these models of Beko tumble dryer then please contact Beko on 0800 917 2018 or click this link to be taken to Beko's contact page.


Beko have kindly contacted us and updated a few things that have been incorrectly reported by sources.

The capacitor in question has only been used by Beko and not on any other tumble dryers and it is only a batch of these components that are affected used in the tumble dryer models shown above only. This does not affect any other models of Beko or other tumble dryer.

Models from May 2012 are affected only, if you have an older tumble dryer it is not affected by this safety notice.

mrs mcdonald
becko tumble dryer
my becko tumble dryer has overheated and smoke was coming out of the motor, i have had the repair done but this should not have happened a second time. i was so lucky i was at home when this happened as my heating boiler is in the same garage as the dryer. i need this replaced a second time, can you confirm this for me.
no. DCU 8230 S/N; 14-212929-09

J Stafford
Just experienced the customer service from Beko after being informed the tumble dryer may catch fire - truly awful. no urgency in responding - then need more time to order part. A little surprising as they contacted me with the problem. It feels like the problem with the machine is my fault - certainly not putting the customer first in how they approach rectifying the fault. This is the time when good brands should come into their own.
Daniella Mancini
It's not 'bad luck', it's STUPIDITY, on their part. For any of you out there, going through the SAME thing, their customer service is beyond disgraceful, as you have, no doubt, already had the pleasure to experience. It took weeks, before responding, this was after threats of reporting them AND after they finally got back, the appt. was 2 weeks AFTER waiting for them to respond in the first place, almost a month. That was for one of their fridge/freezers. We'll see how long it takes for the 'dryer' response.

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