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For some time Channel News and Smarthouse in Australia have been pushing for information from Beko Australia to issue some statement on the safety of Beko appliances in the region. Beko finally responded.

Channel News had been trying to get some comment or statement from the company in the wake of the incidents involving safety over the past few months here in the UK where Beko products have suffered from fire risk and carbon monoxide poisoning with Beko currently being blamed for up to eleven deaths. Obviously since Beko products are also sold in other areas including Australia, the local news outlets wanted to find out if Beko products sold over there were affected in the same way.

Due to the lack of response the issue was pressed by the media and Beko did ultimately respond.

Paul Reeves the Sales and Marketing Director for Beko Australia responded an told Channel News that, "We have no Beko products on sale in Australia that are similar to or from the UK market. No one at Beko is happy about what is happening in the UK. There is no evidence to indicate that Beko products have actually been responsible for any of the deaths in the UK".

"We had a capacitor problem, it was a third party capacitor which was not manufactured by Beko, and we have issued a recall on this product. To date we have tracked down most of the products in question and I am confident that we will identify 100% of the affected products. There is no fire risk with these dryers".

SmartHouse got hold of a copy of a statement that was issued to the Seven Network and the statement reads 'The safety of our customers is our number one priority and we investigate every incident that is reported to us. Where issues are identified with Beko products we act quickly to correct the issue.

The Beko cooking and refrigeration products sold in the UK which have been the subject of media coverage in that country are not sold by Beko in Australia.

Due to an issue with a part supplied by another manufacturer there may be a fault with 7kg condenser drier model DCU7330X under one very particular set of circumstances.

We have identified the eight people who have purchased this dryer in Australia, all of whom live in Victoria, and are in process of recalling the appliance so it can be replaced'.

It is important to realise that Beko Australia is likley to have little to due with Beko UK and that products sold in different countries, while they may look similar and share some components, can be very different products from region to region.

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