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If it was bad enough already with the rash of reports about the infamous tumble dryers seemingly bursting into flames now there’s a report of a Beko one as well.

The story goes that this Beko tumble dryer that was only a week old went up on Sunday 19th June in West Bromwich and firefighters attended taking twenty minutes to get it out.

Now we have a bit of a problem here as, the dryer was apparently installed in a garage which is something that we specifically tell people all the time not to do and, on top of that it was left unattended, another thing we tell people not to do. Please see our tumble dryer safety tips and the installation section for more on this.

But beyond all the hoopla over it there’s a few points that we would urge people to consider before jumping to any conclusions here.

First one is that, as we said above, two major points of safety have seemingly been pretty much ignored.

Second is, we do not at this point know if the tumble dryer was the actual cause or not. The tumble dryer would appear to be getting blamed for sure but we don't know if that is the cause yet.

We say that as, looking at the damage it is extensive and there has obviously been a whole bunch of things around that could have caught light. Was it the tumble dryer or was it something else? Maybe it’s just seen as an easy target to blame, we don’t know and nor does anyone else yet.

Beko tumble dryer fire garage burnt out

The garage is gutted as you can see, pinning down the exact cause will take time.

Even if it was the dryer, what was in it, was it overloaded, was there flammable items in it. Again, we don’t know.

So whilst this makes for a great headline perhaps and it’s a <cough, sorry> hot topic right now we do not have enough facts or evidence to jump to any conclusions.

Nor should anyone else. Media included.

Let the authorities investigate, determine the real cause, then shout if it is required once the evidence supports that.

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