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Okay hands up, the headline is a bit misleading as despite reports that we’ve seen in the media this was not an explosion at all. Not even close in our opinion.

Beko appliance spare partsHayley Smith has appeared in the Daily Mirror, Birmingham Mail and even on ITV with the notion that her Beko tumble dryer “exploded” only and, we’re really sorry to be so blunt, this dryer did not explode at all.

What appears to have happened from the images and the video below is that the door broke of. And, err, that’s it!

“I had just loaded the tumble dryer and switched it on,” Ms Smith said. “There was an almighty crash seconds later."

“When I went back to the kitchen, the door of the dryer had completely come off and was blasted across to the other side of the kitchen.

“I dread to think what would have happened if my children had been in the room.”

By blasted across the kitchen we assume more, bounced across the floor.

There’s no smoke damage. No fire damage. No indication of anything wrong at all other than the door broke off and, that could be for any one of a number of reasons including the door being weakened in some way, overloading and goodness knows what else.

“After the explosion we tried to return the machine and get a refund from Beko,” said Ms Smith.

Hayley Smiths exploding Beko tumble dryer

An explosion, we don’t think so.

There doesn't even look to be much wrong with the dryer.

Of course the media have waded on in there on about fires given the recent stories on tumble dryer fires but, this isn’t even remotely related to anything like that, just look at the photo of the door and tumble dryer, there is no damage to it at all and the fire services, from what we can find out, were not involved.

It broke.

Customer wants a refund.

That’s all the news in this story far as we can see.

Beko’s only comment has been:

“We take any reported issue with our products incredibly seriously and treat them with the upmost priority. Each case is reviewed individually, including this incident, where an engineer made a house visit.

This was an isolated case and, following an assessment of the machine, it was deemed that a repair was fair and reasonable given the circumstances surrounding the incident and that the machine was still functioning.”

Yes we know that the above may well sound harsh to some ears but really, explosion?

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