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Arcelik (better known as Beko here in Blighty) have invented a filtering system to try to prevent micro plastics from laundry entering the waste stream, preventing them from polluting.

Details are scant right now as to how this all work but, hat's off to them for giving this a go and coming up with a solution as, clothing is one of the biggest sources of micro-plastics in water.

According to Beko more than one million of fibers are flushed down the drain and end up in the oceans after every single washing load. These microfibers are then swallowed by fish and other marine animals and have now found their way into our food chain. The new technology will block 90% of microfibers from entering the water sources, with the filtration box located in the detergent drawer filtering the water before discharge.

CEO Hakan Bulgurlu called for closer industry partnerships and is ready to share its new cutting edge technology for the greater good. Bulgurlu asserted that humanity faces a global crisis by damaging and destroying the environment at a quicker rate than it can regenerate itself. "As a company with a global footprint, with products and services in 146 countries, we made it our mission to do everything within our power to make a change as time is running out in the fight against environmental disasters, most importantly climate catastrophe. That's why we believe creating a value through reducing the environmental damage that we are causing as an industry is a key opportunity we should seize" Bulgurlu said.

"This reaffirms the idea that purpose-driven businesses will always outperform their peers in the long term. At Arçelik, we are committed to building purposeful brands and strive to differentiate ourselves with products and technologies that endorse sustainability as we focus on efficient use of resources and circular economic solutions, such as the microfiber filtration technology. This technology is one of the most important innovations to come out of Arçelik and it has the potential to create far-reaching and significant change in our world. We have made significant investments in R&D and we are keen on working together with NGOs, universities and other stakeholders to expand this project,"

Big news here is though and, we think this is a first, Arcelik are willing to share this openly with other manufacturers in a bid to reduce pollution and that, is wondrous!

What wasn't mentioned was any charges to do so but, we'd hope that it's either freely shared (much better) or a very low cost to increase adoption.

How it works, in detail isn't yet known but we do know that we can expect to see it striating to roll out in machine due in 2020.

Promotional video for this is below.


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