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A girl of 3 died after apparently climbing into a tumble dryer at here home and suffocating.

Georgina Bywater is believed to have slipped out of bed at around 5:30 am and wandered about the house.

Her body was found 2 hours later by her 6 year old sister Emily, who raised the alarm by waking her mother. Paramedics were called but the little girl was dead when she reached hospital.

A Police source said, "It appears the dryer has a door on a spring which is easily closed. Once shut it provides an almost airtight seal".

He said there was no suggestion at this stage that Georgina was shut in the dryer by her sister or that they were playing hide and seek before the tragedy on Friday last. The source added "We will look into every possible scenario and speak to the family in debth, but they are obviously devastated at the moment!"

Georgina's mother Sarah-Jayne Bywater, 26, said, "We will miss her terribly, She thought she was a princess because she used to wear lots of little dresses and looked wonderful".

Her father Nick Bywater, who no longer lives at the family home in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, fought back tears as he spoke of his daughter he called Genie.

He said, "I lived for my girls and Genie was the absolute life and soul - a bubbly, lively little princess who lit up my life, She was always looking for adventure and just adored playing with Emily."

He continued, "I was with Genie just the night before she died, I can still remember her sitting on my knee and looking up at me with a mouthful of chocolate. I can't imagine life without her!"

He added, "I can't believe she could lock the dryer by herself, but if that proves to be the case I'll see my solicitors about taking the matter further".

Roger Vincent from the Royal Society for the Provention of Accidents (ROSPA), said deaths involving tumble dryers were very rare. He added , "the manufacturers did look at this some years ago and tried to change doors so it was less likely, but we will have to wait for the results of the inquest to see what happened".(Daily Mail)

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