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A boy of 7 suffered an agonising ordeal inside a tumble dryer after his mischeavous little brother shut him in during a game of hide and seek.

Gary Purvis crawled into the machine thinking it would be the perfect place to hide. But his 3 year old brother Robson spotted him and closed the door.
Because the machine had earlier been stopped in mid-cycle, this set the machine in motion.Gary began tumbling round and round as the dryer heated up, suffered serious burns.

His parents were brought running by Robson's screams for help as he tried in vain to open the door. Ian Purvis (46) a hotel chef, looked through the perspex porthole to see the terrified Gary spinning inside.

'Usually when Robson does something wrong he hides under the bed, but this time he ran straight down the stairs to get help', he said at the family home in Gateshead Tyne & Wear. 'I could hear muffled screams from inside the dryer, I couldn't believe it when I saw him spinning around!'

'I pulled Gary out. He must have been in the dryer for about a minute. We feel so lucky he wasn't in any longer otherwise he could have been dead. I was worried he might die after I got him out of the dryer'.

Mr Purvis put wet sponges on the burns while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. His 35 year old wife Lynn was full of praise for the actions of the emergency teams. She said, 'They were absolutely brilliant. When the paramedics arrived they put clingfilm around Gary. He had multiple burns on his back, around his waist and his elbow. We were all panicking. I have done a little first aid but would have never dreamt of putting clingfilm on the burns'.

The dryer was at the top of the stairs in a cupboard because there was no room in the kitchen for one. Earlier the boys older brother Liam (12) had dried his trousers in the machine before going to the youth club and left the door open and the machine switched on.

Gary has made a swift recovery since the accident 3 weeks ago and has forgiven his little brother. (Daily Mail)

I go to the same school as garry nd ppl take the mick out off him I feel sorry for him at times

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