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We are of course just kidding about getting a smart fridge for a mere £100. Well, we sort of are at least and sort of not so much as a new device from Smarter means anyone can have a connected fridge for not a lot of money and without replacing the fridge you already have.

You may recall the Bosch smart fridge that sent images of what was inside the big (Daewoo made) American style side by side that they sell well it would seem that you could soon have the same or better functionality by way of a simple £100 add on rather than having to drop a couple of grand for a new fridge freezer.

Smarter connected fridge camera

For many people this is a whole heap cheaper obviously but it also means that if it falls over or you simply end up not using it as we suspect many people will, it’s not a huge loss.

It also allows buyer all the choice in the world, they’re not forced to buy any one particular model or brand so, good news for customers that are interested in this sort of thing then.

Not such good news for fridge makers. Or is it?

Rather than ploughing loads of cash into developing machines that, let’s face it, are niche products that won’t exactly fly off the shelves given the price, they could bundle one of these or similar with the sale of a new machine and save themselves huge sums in development of low volume products.

And with these things, if it all goes sideways down the road it’s no great loss and there will likely be a replacement anyway. Added to which, these third party devices are often under constant development and all that side of things is someone else’s problem.

For a manufacturer that has to be appealing.

The device in question is called Smarter and all it does is take a picture of the insides of your fridge when the door is shut. Simple enough we guess.

Features given so far include:

  • Expiry reminders based on the fridge’s contents, ensuring items are used before they run out of date.
  • Receive replenishment notifications when you have run out of certain products, ensuring the user always has stock of the everyday essentials.
  • Set notifications for when the user is passing their favourite store.
  • Fully automated replenishment service, products can automatically be added to online shopping basket, allowing user to buy what they need, when they need it.
  • A recipe suggestion option allows the app to suggest recipes based on fridge’s remaining contents.
  • A temperature sensor notifies you if there is an adjustment in temperature, which could cause food to spoil, or indicating that the fridge door has been left open.

Not bad for the relatively low asking price and a whole heap cheaper than shelling out well over £2000 or even £3000 for a smart fridge that may do less.

If you are into the whole smart fridge idea we’d say this is a far better bet, it is massively cheaper and allows you to test drive the idea of a smart connected fridge without being tied to one of the few brands that produce them or even having to replace the fridge that you already have.

We’d imagine Samsung, LG and others might not be so keen after spending millions developing smart fridges.

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