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Whirlpool has been placed in the media spotlight in the USA due to Kitchen Aid dishwasher models have been seen to go on fire with owners launching a class action.  

Whirlpool Kitchen Aid dishwashers pose a potential fire risk?

Whirlpool is the latest appliance manufacturer to find it'self a victim of a fire hazard due to it's appliances with Samsung, Bosch, Beko and others recewntly having had applainces which posed a potential risk of fire.  The dishwasher models, which have not yet been subject to a recall and we are unaware of any UK or EU models that may be affected, seem to be the latest in a long line of poor design choices putting people at risk. All appear to have one thing in common however, they tend to be lower end products.

One quote on this particular case has been that, :The devestating defect in the control board creates a substantial and unreasonable risk of propert, injury and death".

M Steatham
My Whirlpool ADG7560/1 dishwasher has just had an electrical fire for no apparent reason in the door area where the Control panel is housed, it is 15 months old and has been fine up until the night in question. it was off and empty and not programmed to run. my wife and I heard a funny noise coming from the kitchen area and we thought it was the micro wave or cooker hood making a noise.I checked these units and couldn't see anything happening they seemed fine, all of a sudden the dishwsher made a lot of noise and smoke started coming from it! the smell and smoke was trememdous, then luckily the main fuse board tripped out putting the microwave, TV and dishwasher circuit off.I am at a loss as to why this has occured I have called and emailed whirlpool who have an engineer coming in on Monday to investigate the situation.Good job we were in and able to deal with it.Are there anymore in the UK???

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