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Whirlpool Induction Oven

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Whirlpool have launched an induction oven that picked up on from an article in Australia where it sells for over $2000AUS but why it caught our attention was that it’s an induction oven and, we were confused.

We were sat about thinking, "What the flipping’ heck is an induction oven? What does it do? How does it work?”

So many questions that were, in part answered by Whirlpool’s video about it on YouTube as below.

After watching that we came up with what was likely the more relevant questions of, “Whats the point of that and why would anyone pay for it?”

Let’s put that into perspective for you as, although we couldn’t finds anyone in the UK selling this oven yet the Australian price works out to be £1371 in the UK.

That’s a lot of cash for a fancy shelf to cook your gratin with and, that’s the point, this thing has limited uses along with taking up a ton of space in the cooking cavity. Sure it may be good for a few things but, for everyday family meals, we doubt it is going to be worth the trouble if we’re brutally honest.

Add to this that you can get a very similar looking model without the induction thing for less than £500 and, thanks, but we’d pocket the best part of £1000 and walk away smiling at our ability to be canny.

Or, buy a far better oven to begin with if we were considering spending that amount of cash on one.

As is to be expected it’s billed as being “innovative” and all that malarky but ultimately, we can’t help but think it’s pointless. Another so called innovation that’s looking to solve a problem nobody has, where Whirlpool’s 6th Sense makes, no sense at all really.

If anyone can come up with a reason for this making sense and being worth the money, we’d love to hear it.

Maybe that's why Whirlpool haven't made a lot of noise about it.

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