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LG Tries Connected Appliances, Again

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CES Las Vegas rolls around once more and, once more we see the introduction of connected appliances being hailed as a "great new thing". Trouble is, it's been done before and people don't want it but hey, what do the customer's know?

The reality is, people want washers to wash stuff, cookers to cook stuff and fridges to keep food fresh and, well, pretty much that's about it.

LG company propaganda after the jump. It's worth reading as some if it is just amusingly trying to justify why you'd pay a heap more for these things when you could just put an iPad on stand in the kitchen if you want the internet there, done.

LG Electronics will today unveil a full range of home appliances equipped with the company's proprietary smart technology, LG THINQ, alongside its industry-leading core technologies. Marking the first time LG has brought a full line-up of home appliances to the International CES®, the company will be debuting LG THINQ in Las Vegas from January 6 to 9.

At the heart of the line-up this year are LG's innovative new smart features -- Smart Grid, Smart Diagnosis, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Food Management -- which allow homeowners to manage refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners via a smart network. In combination with LG's signature technologies, the new innovations will deliver big savings in energy, time and expense, helping enrich consumers' lives. "We're excited to add home appliances to our largest ever line-up of total LG innovations ever to be shown at CES," said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. "By drawing on LG's latest IT and mobile technology, our smart appliances promise to be real game changers, offering a big leap forward in convenience and efficiency."

LG THINQ -- Smarter Solutions for a More Empowered and Convenient Life

Using "Recommend Time" and "Lowest Rate" options, LG's Smart Grid can program washing machines to do the washing at the most cost-effective times. LG's ovens also tap into the Smart Grid to offer varying cost options that take into account the duration and electrical cost of the cooking. Similarly, LG's refrigerators can adjust their functions to save on energy bills at peak times, or ramp up cooling power when energy rates are low.

LG Smart Diagnosis notices when anything goes wrong on a home appliance. For minor problems, such as a refrigerator door left open, the appliance alerts the owner on its display panel or, in future models, via a Wi-Fi connection, on the consumer's smartphone or tablet PC. Thanks to this Smart Diagnosis system, service technicians will know exactly what to fix and when, helping to quickly troubleshoot issues and save time and money. Thanks to the monitoring and control functions of LG Smart Access, consumers can oversee their household chores regardless of their location. Through smart phones or tablet PCs, they can see how much longer their food has to cook, or check the temperature and contents of the refrigerator. Consumers will even have the option of instructing their LG robotic vacuum cleaner to clean up or keep watch over the house while they're out. LG Smart Adapt lets consumers download the latest options for their appliances, including pre-programmed recipes or washing cycles that best fit their lifestyle. In addition, with its drag and drop icons and voice recognition function, LG Food Management makes it easy to keep track of where everything is in the refrigerator and when it all expires.

LG's Core Technologies Provide Outstanding Benefits to Consumers

LG's Washers Offer "Best of the Best" Washing Performance

Underpinned by the Inverter Direct Drive motor, LG's 6Motion Technology uses six different washing motions to provide outstanding performance and gentle cleaning. ColdWash delivers a low energy wash as good as with warm water, while LG TrueSteam, penetrates deeply into fabrics to remove dirt and reduce wrinkles. LG offers a 10-year warranty on its Direct Drive motor to ensure a worry-free clean.

LG Fridges Provide the Freshest, Most Convenient Storage Space

A long-time leader in French-door refrigeration, LG continues to innovate and provide added convenience for consumers. LG's Slim SpacePlus Ice System makes way for additional door bin space -- allowing for the most refrigerator shelf space available in the industry, while the new Converta Drawer offers the unique ability to convert the top freezer drawer into a refrigerator drawer when extra refrigerator space is needed. Together with energy-saving innovations like Linear Compressor technology, LG is delivering something better to the most important kitchen appliance.

LG's Cooking Appliances Produce the Best Cooking Results

Using LG's double oven with its innovative InfraGrill Technology, consumers can cook faster and tastier dishes with lower energy costs. The double oven's 6-inch tall upper oven gives ergonomic flexibility when baking and cooking, and its 6.7 cu. ft. capacity lets consumers cook large dishes with more convenience.

LG Vacuum Cleaners Make Cleaning Effortless and Efficient

Thanks to the Kompressor and a larger bin size, LG's upright vacuum cleaner compresses dirt to hold more, so that consumers can empty less. DualForce suction captures more dirt across a wider area, and the Click 'N Go Wand provides 15 extra feet of reach. In addition, LG's new HOM-BOT robotic vacuum offers a unique combination of camera, ultrasonic and infrared sensors making cleaning an effortless job, while also minimizing collisions. It also boasts a super-slim height of just over 3.5 inches.

LG's Steam Dishwasher Delivers the Best Dishwashing Results

LG's dishwashers reduce energy use and offer a 10-year warranty on the Direct Drive motor. The built-in TrueSteam generator creates powerful, soil-destroying steam for outstanding wash results. LG's Studio Series Makes the Kitchen Smarter LG's Studio Series delivers a complete, smart solution using the company's unique core technologies -- Inverter Direct Drive, Linear Compressor and InfraGrill Technology. LG's Studio Series brings together ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers in a well-designed premium kitchen package that is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

You can see a video demo of the fridge in action, well as active as it gets, using this link from Mashable.

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