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LG Robotic Vac With Cameras

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Another seemingly pointless gadget from LG this week ahead of IFA Berlin, a robotic vacuum cleaner that has cameras in it with one that you can see on your smartphone.

LG Roboking robotic vacuum cleaner

The robotic cleaner is reported to be equipped with lasers and complicated algorithms to clean your floors and it can also return to its dock to recharge itself. However the latest model in LG’s Roboking line of vacuum cleaners can also serve as a security camera, quite why we don't quite get, but it does.

The LG Roboking Triple Eye VR6180VMNC has typically long and convoluted designation.

As well as the two cameras that it uses to decide how to go about seeking out dirt, the Roboking has a third camera that you can activate to capture the robot’s surroundings. The camera combos with the robot’s Wi-Fi capability and a complementary mobile app, allowing its owner to monitor the home from a smartphone remotely.

The Roboking Triple Eye has another party trick though. It also comes equipped with voice recognition technology, allowing its owner to verbally command it to stop cleaning, charge itself and so on. Pretty pointless and if you have kids we're sure they'll have at least an hour's worth of fun issuing silly commands to it.

LG Roboking Robotic Vaccum Cleaner

R Vasudevan
Where is it available in Chennai, South India ?

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