On last night's Watchdog Samsung were slammed for problems with their American styled side by side fridge freezer, the RS21. The show basically stating that customers can experience a noise and lack of cooling in the fridge due to an over frozen fridge evaporator. On top of this the model was shown to provide inaccurate temperature readings in the digital display panel.

Samsung did give a response that offers their customers a free repair if required.

Consultant engineer Malcolm Robbins who was featured on the show said that, "This fridge has a fundamental design fault because water which drains from the evaporator coil during defrost cannot escape. Ice forms on the coil, grows back to the fan, hits the fan blades and stops the fan running. After that the fridge won't work." Mr Robbins went on to say that he didn't think it was right that customers should have to pay for repairs and that the fridge was not 'fit for purpose'.

Watchdog contacted some fridge service engineers and seven out of the ten called were familiar with problems on this Samsung fridge.

Samsung did apologise in a statement to Watchdog to any of its customers who have experienced this problem with an RS21 fridge-freezer.

Samsung has now introduced an improved model of the RS21 and notified all Samsung certified service engineers of the improvement process and parts required.

Having reviewed the cases featured in Watchdog and its service policy with regard to the RS21, Samsung will now provide an extended five-year warranty from date of purchase in respect of this fault. This will entitle any customer experiencing this fault to receive a free service engineer's visit and repair. This extended warranty is now in effect.

Samsung would ask any customers who have this problem with their RS21 to call freephone on 0800 988 0123, to arrange for it to be repaired under this extended warranty. Samsung would like to reassure all customers of its commitment to quality customer service and would ask anyone with questions to call the number above.

The full story from Watchdog can be seen from this link 

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