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Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine Slammed In Reviews

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A Dutch consumer magazine has given Samsung Electronics' new drum washing machine a scathing review casting doubt on the firm's claims for a new technology.

Samsung's Eco Bubble washing machine slated in reviews

Samsung says its Eco Bubble 8 kg washing machine creates bubbles that boost performance and reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent, but Consumentenbond says that comes at an unacceptable price.

It says the washing machine cleans laundry no better than any other, and the water heats up to just 31 degrees Celsius when set at 40 degrees. It also casts doubt on Samsung's claim that a normal washing cycle at 40 degrees Celsius equals the new machine's 15-degree washing cycle.

Consumentenbond says because of excessively short washing time and just two rinsing sessions, the machine does not wash clothes properly. By and large clothes are cleaned relatively well, but stained and dirtier clothes do not benefit.

The U.S. magazine Consumer Reports, meanwhile, says the famous bubbles have no advantage whatsoever.

Samsung claims its own tests show that the temperature goes up to 37 degrees when set at 40 degrees, and that the magazine admits that the five degrees difference "are within the margin of error." It adds the superior quality of its drum washing machines has been recognized by various certified bodies including the VDE Institute in Germany, and German consumer magazine TEST recommended the product along with Bosch and Miele in its October edition.

We'd have to largely agree and say that some of the claims being made are, to be frank, pretty ludicrous and when we quizzed Samsung and asked for evidence and test results to prove the energy use claims they failed to provide them. In addition the claims being made about the load capacity seem somewhat inflated with no actual drum capacity given other than a "claimed" kilogram load figure.

Of course if you have a broken Samsung washing machine you can find someone to repair if on our engineer search.

i wish i had seen these reviews before buying the Eco Bubble 8K washing machine. It doesnt wash well and it rips my clothes. my previous Bosh machine served me well for 15 years. i was fooled by the idea of latest technology. John Lewis customer service highly recommended it. i am so full of regrets. I have been in touch with Samsung and none of the advise given has worked. i don\'t understand why they can\'t send someone to check the fault. the machine is less than a year old
Bought a Samsung WW90J6410CW washer in January it had a new seal in March and it has gone again. I have rejected it Samsung are coming to look at it on Tuesday. Has anyone else had this problem
Hi there. Iv had a samsung eco bubble 9kg for 3 months now. Model number WF90F5E5U4X/EU. I put a load on before bed last night. When i woke up the washer was beeping and flashing 5E. The door was locked and there was a lot of water still in the drum. I manally drained it with the pipe. Removed filter cleaned it, checked all pipes. I turned the washer back on. The door opened. Result i thought. Stuck a quick wash on with nothing in it. It seemed to be ok until it got to the drain part of the cycle, it kept spinning the drum round, then pausing, but the drain pump never made a noise and didnt seem to engage, so its not pumping the water out. At this point the timer on the display was no longer counting down. I turned it off again and redrained manually. Checked all pipes, plus drain outside. We had a new kitchen fitted in march everthing was new due to flooding. So cant be down to pipes. Tried a quick wash again but the same thing happened. It still under warranty but samsung cant get us a enginer till thursday. Has any one come across this problem before. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Sheila curley
Where do I find serial number required to register for 5yr warranty. Every time I try online the page won't load. Looked at silver strip on back of machine, but only model number on it.
It\'s inside the door on mine
Dianne Wood
Bought Eco bubble 8kg from Currys 6 months ago, at first it was great. Now the drum sticks regularly and the cycle can go no further so we have to drain, start again and hope it works but sometimes takes four attempts. Other times it goes straight through no problem, there is never an error showing so how do I call an engineer out with no error showing and no guarantee it will fail while they're here?Wish I'd never bought it!
Stan hayward
Samsung Eco bubble 9kg
We seem to have same problem as lady above, machine runs properly for short time ,then it appears as if the drum as jammed,it makes an effort to turn but doesn\'t . But the drum as not jammed, it appears the washer as lost its memory!! This started as an occasional problem but gradually got worse. The engineer came , looked bewildered, then left saying he will order a new curcuit board. We have just been told they are out of stock.what next
circuit board?
Hello Stan,
We have the same issue, was it the circuit board?
Thank you

Samsung very unreliable
We\'ve just had to have the main PCB replaced after a little over 2 years (at a cost of around £280!) because the drum kept jamming. Seems to have solved the problem but neither Samsung, nor John Lewis are interested in the poor quality and durability of the product. I\'ll never buy another one.
I have a eco bubble I must say this machine even though it has a great spin the smell is overbearing. I have made numerous calls to samsung they find it hard to understand the problem because it wasn't a mechanical fault. They then told me that I would be charged if the mechanic comes and finds no fault I would be charged £60! I called well in the 28 days for a full refund but their holding me back has exceeded the time.Don't buy this machine!

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