Bosch Dishwasher Recall Due To Possible Fire Risk

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It seems that it's another day, another product recall this past week. This time it's Bosch's turn who are recalling Bosch, Neff and Siemens branded dishwashers produced between 1999 and early 2005.

Bosch dishwasher fires

Bosch say that, "According to internationally recognised risk assessment methodology, which takes into account the likelihood of various factors that would contribute to a potential fire, the risk is deemed low." However, anyone that has their kitchen or home going up in flames probably won't agree so if you have an affected model please have it checked as soon as possible as Bosch do go onto to say that, "There is a possibility that a fire could break out in the control panel. If unattended, the fire could potentially apread beyond the dishwasher. If you have one of the affected models, please call the helpline at 0800 561 0082 or arrange a callback with BSH customer service immediately to schedule a free repair."

So, low risk but don't use it or it could burst into flames as several appear to have done already.

The official notice from Bosch read as follows:

BSH Home Appliances Limited has announced an in-home repair programme of certain dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and early 2005. The affected dishwashers are in the batch number range from FD 7901 to FD 8504.

Dishwashers which are outside the above batch number range are not affected.

To find out if your dishwasher is included in this repair action

  • Please enter the model number and batch number which can be found either engraved on the top or on a sticker on the left hand side of the inner part of the door

You can find the model and FD number as shown below on the rating plate of the dishwasher and the information can be entered on the Bosch Repair Action website from this link.


Please note that we are not Bosch, we cannot book visits for this safety recall and we only have the information given on this safety recall. We cannot confirm that your model will be affected by this recall to Bosch dishwashers any more than you are able to sing the Bosch recall website.

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