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Beko Make News Again Over Cooker Recall

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Beko have made headlines again in the past few days over deaths from cookers that were recalled and sold under the Beko and Belling brand names. The original report that we made on this you can find from this link.

Beko gas cooker recall

Six people in the UK and Ireland died when the grill was on but the door had been closed, despite the instructions stating that the grill door should be left open whilst the grill is in use, leading to a build-up of carbon monoxide. Therefore there is only any danger if the cooker is not used in accordance with the instructions.

One inquest heard a sticker on cookers might have alerted people to the potential danger. The incidents between November 2008 and January 2009 led to a recall of the affected cooker models from Belling and Beko.

Around 35,000 Beko cookers were affected and the firm admitted many were still in use and Beko added that, “The safety notice is still in effect to capture potentially unmodified cookers.”

Beko and Glen Dimplex said the models had met all UK and European safety regulations.

The affected models can be found in the original notification from 2009 and if you own one of these models that has not had the rectification carried out you should contact either Beko or Belling to have the work carried out as soon as possible to eliminate any possible danger if the cooker is not used correctly.

Although Beko probably want this like a hole in the head right now at least, even in the midst of the bad publicity of late over the fridge freezer recall, they have had the decency to reinforce the message.

May Mcninch
I am concerned about my Beko double oven Which I had installed in my home three and a half years ago, the model no is DVG593-P.The grill door has to be left open when the grill is on.I am waiting to get the cooker checked out as the flame in the oven is burning too high which causes the food to burn.The flame is burning with yellow tips and also one of the burners on the top is also burning with yellow tips. I know this should'nt be so, and what with the recent reports about the cookers I am quite dubious about using the cooker as I live alone.Waiting in anticipation on your reply. Mrs May Mcninch.
May Mcninch
I am getting in touch with you about a Beko double oven gas cooker which was installed in my home about three and a half years ago. The model no isDVG593-P. The grill door has to be left open when the grill is on,I am waiting to get the cooker checked as the oven flame is too high which causees food to burn at the back of the oven and the flame is yellow tipped in the oven and one of the burners on the ring on top.I know this is not normal and thenews recently has got me worried. Waiting in anticipation on your reply. Mrs M. Mcninch.
Robyn cummins
Think I may have this cooker

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