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All the latest general news from the domestic appliance industry that we find all over the world and stories that are of interest to the trade and public often with our own unique non-politically correct spin on it.

We cover almost anything intersting to do with appliances or that affects the industry including new product releases, scandals, recalls, mergers, takovers and all the other juicy appliance news from around the world.

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Qualtex Buys Masterpart

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Qualtex Buys Masterpart

You may have read on the UK Whitegoods forums or heard by other means that sadly Richard Du Bois of Masterpart sadly passed away recently and Masterpart has changed ownership to be now under the control of Qualtex.

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What Happened At IFA

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What went down at IFA 2017

It’s that time of the year when a good chunk o the appliance industry shuffles off to Germany to display all their latest models and tech to the trade so, what’s going on in 2017/18?

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Calls For Recall System

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Calls For Recall System

The LFB (London Fire Brigade) have called on government to do something about improving the current recall system which is, pretty shambolic in truth and we wouldn't disagree with that but just how much truth is there and what do we do?

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Ten Fires A Day

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Is it true that there's ten appliance fires a day?

There's been some hoopla in the media o late after some bright spark decided to work out, from some statistics that ten fires a day were being caused by faulty appliances.

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Water Filled Weights

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Water Filled Washing Machine Weights

You might have noticed there's been a bit of a fuss in the media about water filled weights being used on washing machines instead of the traditional concrete or in a few cases, iron weights wet, here's our thoughts on it.

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