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All the latest general news from the domestic appliance industry that we find all over the world and stories that are of interest to the trade and public often with our own unique non-politically correct spin on it.

We cover almost anything intersting to do with appliances or that affects the industry including new product releases, scandals, recalls, mergers, takovers and all the other juicy appliance news from around the world.

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New WTA Schemes

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WTA Announce Registration & Healthcheck Schemes

For those that were unable to attend the conference this year you missed the big announcement from the WTA on their new registration and healthcheck schemes for large kitchen appliances and, we think it's a marvellous idea that is long overdue!

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LG Open US Plant

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LG to start making washing machines in the USA

LG has said that it is to open up a new plant in Clarksville, Tennessee in the USA to make washing machines for the US and Canadian markets we presume.

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Whirlpool Changes Advice

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Whirlpool changes advice on tumble dryer safety program

This evening it has been widely reported that Whirlpool have changed their standing advice about the use of tumble dryers affected by a safety notice to now advising owners not to use them until they are modified.

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Conference 2017

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Whitegoods conference takes place this week, get ready

Every year we seem to be telling everyone that this year’s conference looks set to be the best yet and we’re doing it again this time round as well, because it is.

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Miele Goes To Poland

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Miele are set to start making washing machines in Poland

Everyone knows Miele is German right? And most people think that Miele is one of the very few German brands that make all their products in Germany but it turns out, that’s not exactly true.

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GE Pizza Oven

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GE makes a pizza oven!

It isn’t too often that we see new products that are actually interesting so it’s nice to see something new every now and then and this is, but it ain’t cheap!

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