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by artangelle » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:51 pm

Dear all....I have read with great interest all the posts about fridge freezers in garages / outhouses etc. I am in exactly the same position as my 15 yr old fridge freezer housed in garage (Zanussi) finally died around Christmas time.

I have met with the response from John Lewis's and Buyers & Sellers in Ladbroke Grove that they won't supply me with a fridge freezer because of all the 'not enough hot air entering into the fridge part causing the thermo to turn off - and causing the machine to malfunction' as mentioned in many of your posts. No point in reprinting it all here again.. as I now sort of understand the problem we all seem to face.

So does anyone know if we were to put a 'stand alone' freezer in the garage.. would that solve the problem as far as the freezer part is concerned?? Also if we were to buy a 'stand alone' fridge and only turn it on when the weather warms up a bit.. would that work too? Come next winter.. if we were to turn it off (fridge) when the weather again falls below the the manufacturers guidelines..for say eg. 3 months and to turn it back on again when the temp. rises..maybe in March would the ''on and then off/sleep' period have harmed the machine??

I realise that buying two machines is more expensive than buying just one.. but better that than have a fridge/freezer that breaks down after just one winter.

I cook a great deal.. and freeze my food in portions.. and need a new freezer and fridge too.. I can't bring it/them into the house.. I already have a fridge and small freezer indoors but they are simply not large enough for me. Also my garage does not share a wall with the house.

I am so pleased I wandered onto this site and have gained so much info.
I hope that some bright spark is reading our posts and a new design is in the making for garage sited machines.

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by ELDAR59 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:11 pm

hello, if you had a seperate fridge and freezer, side by side, in your garage, you would find that the fridge would be cold enough inside already and so wouldn't turn on via the thermostat, until the ambient temp was higher. so no need to turn it off for a few months.
your freezer would operate as normal, despite opinions to the contrary.
your only concern would be that, as both appliances would be technically operating outside their intended operating conditions, (ambient temp wise) then manufacturers could void your warranty.

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