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by TZS » Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:26 am


I have an AEG Electrolux Lavamat model L64810 which I may need to replace - I have read the general buying advice article (very helpful, thanks) and I have answered the questions below.

How many people are using the machine? Family of 5

How many loads of washing per day are you doing roughly? At least 1

Do you line dry or use a tumble dryer? Both, line dry when possible (to save the planet and our utility bills!)

Do you have size limits to what you can fit? any domestic appliance would fit in utility room. Would like to stack dryer on top if possible though. (I believe that a separate dryer drys better than combination washer/dryer - but that might be a whole new topic...!)

Have you any special needs? (Dream features)
1. be able to open door after cycle has started (to add fogotton sock/teddy/etc!)
2. quick/time saver wash option
3. hand wash option
4. pre-wash option
5. option to reduce/remove spin funtion
6. extra rinse option

What sort of budget you have? looking for a quality machine that will last so budget is not top priority but would hope to be in £600-800 range? If its less then great!

Thank you in advance for any advice

The washing machine will be mounted on wood floor initially which will hopefully be replaced with tile floor shortly.
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by don » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:02 am


Six odd loads a week is getting on for double the average use per week, you are going to need a robust machine that will cope with that sort of demand. Also taking into account your "wish" list the best machine IMO would be the ISE 10 built to exacting standards, comes with a ten year parts and labour wearranty covered by local service engineers.

More info behind the ethos and appliances can be found here on the ISE website.

Anything else would be a compromise.


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