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Beko AP930 Fan Fault?

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by pauljygrant » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:44 am

Hi All,
I have a Beko AP930 American style fridge freezer and a few days ago, the water stopped (discovered it had frozen at the bottom of the fridge) and the circulation fan started making a grinding noise (fan stopped altogether a few hours later).
The main problem I have is that we brought the unit with us from the UK to Australia when we migrated and no engineer over here has worked on this brand. However, one engineer did agree to have a go and upon stripping out the back of the freezer behind the ice machine, he located the failed fan unit.
He did not have an exact replacement but tried to fit a generic motor to the original fan which appears to be working.
However, after giving it 24 hours to reach operating temperatures, the same temperature problems exist, ie too freezing at the bottom of the fridge & too warm at the top of both the fridge and freezer.
Before I ask him to return, can anyone confirm the usual air movement in this type of machine - should the fan blow cold air from the freezer side into the top, or bottom of the fridge? By placing my hand over the vents, it feels like the air is being blown into the bottom of the fridge, but my uneducated thoughts is that possibly the air should fall through the fridge and therefore maybe the fan is running in the wrong direction?
Any comments or help gratefully appreciated.
Cheers, Paul
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by captaincaveman1 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:45 pm

yes that most certainly is the evaporator fan motor thats failed for thats exactly the symtoms you get so i suspect the fan thats fitted is not suitable if you want to remove the fan then it is replaced from inside the freezer you need to remove the ice draw and the clear flap and tray above it now you will see the ice maker and this clipped in so to remove it you have to grasp it and pull forward this just about gives you the room to remove the white cover in front of the fan then 2 screws hold the fan in place and the wiring unclips from a small socket. The fan should turn clockwise towards the fridge. My firm and im sure others would send a fan assy to you from the uk
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by bryan-206 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:46 pm

Air should flow into top of fridge and return at the bottom. If the "generic fan fitted blows the wrong way. Temp issues will continue. Some fans allow you to flip the windings over. Reversing the flow. As with freezer air should blow from the top and return at the bottom. "cold air falls" as you suggested

I am here:
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