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candy CD 622 motor 90.47.30 overheating?

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by josh1e » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:42 pm


Our quite old dishwasher (candy CD622) has tripped the rcbo (not the sockets rcd) a couple of times in the last 24hours. I've checked for leaks (none) and checked all connections (fine) so unclipped the water pipes between the filter & pump to see if any debris had gotten in. pipes are clear and clean on inside, no scale or excreta in the pipes or impeller wheel.

I removed the motor from the unit for better inspection and the motor body was very warm to the touch and i wonder if it is overheating causing the rcbo to trip? i would like to rule out the heater element kicking in, but am not sure how to test that? (can it be tested with a multimeter?)

The motor has a capacitor attached to the body with 4 pins. 2 in & 2 to the motor. the capacitor is AV Arcotronics, 1.267.6CC3 MKP 4uF = 5%
420v ~10000h Class B
470v ~ 3000h Class C
CE 4

the motor gives me a resistance of 108.9ohms disconnected from the capacitor. other than dusty, it doesn't smell or looked damaged and spins freely.

I did a test with the door open prior to removing the pump & on a normal cycle the arms didn't really move (although they are clean & free to spin) and the amount of spray / pressure was negligible, less than an inch in height from the openings?

I'm guessing that with the heat of the pump casing leads to either a faulty pump or faulty capacitor, i was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice before i part with my hard earned reddies :)

The capacitor i'm happy to replace, it made a huge difference to my air compressor, although at £80+ for the dishwasher pump on a 10yr old dishwasher, i'm inclined to replace the whole thing...

Thanks for your help,
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Whitegoods Newbie
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by josh1e » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:26 pm

well, with no help from uk whitegoods i decided to change the capacitor. alot of previous posters had suggested the capacitor is usually the problem.

for anyone else needing to do this, if u have a motor rewind company near you (peterborough is shoebridge & sons in stanground) they only charged me £3 for the replacement capacitor. I took the old one with me, wandered down there & they matched it up completely. (even tested my old one for free)

so now i have that new noisy dishwasher sound as the water beats against the inside metal sheets of the dishwasher :)

I noticed the top arm doesn't spin when i open the door, i'm not sure if this model has alternating spinning arms (meaning only one spins at a time) or if they are both meant to spin all the time?

water comes out the top arm, although not with the same force the bottom does, and i have completely stripped and cleaned the water trap, filter, plastic tube riser, outlet holes, top basket tube & metal arm...

any advice as to wether the arms spin simultaneously or in turns would be helpful, also if there is a common place for a blockage to occur for the top arm, where this would be.

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Whitegoods Newbie
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