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AEG Lavamat Drying Heat/Fan Intermittent

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by AndyEngineer » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:43 pm


We have an AEG Lavamat 16830 washer dryer. It used to blow hot air throughout most of the drying cycle. Now the dryer fan and heater runs for around five minutes, then it just tumbles for a bit with no dryer fan, then the dryer fan and heat start again for a bit etc. It takes quite a long time to dry things now. There are no error messages and the drying cycle completes.

I've checked the wires on the lower sensor and have replaced those in the past. Both top and bottom sensors show the right resistance. Both overheat sensors on the air duct are open circuit. These are all measured when the machine is off. The condenser is fluff free and not blocked.

Any suggestions ? What would cause the fan and heater element to stop on and off without causing an error ? If it's one of the sensors, is it more likely to be one of the ones that a resistors or one of the cut out devices on the top duct by the element ?

I also noticed the dryer fan motor smells like it's running hot. Could that cause the problem ? I cleaned out the fan enclosure to make sure it's running free and it is.


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by 1totalshambles » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:43 am

"I also noticed the dryer fan motor smells like it's running hot. Could that cause the problem ?"
Yes, but not common. UNLESS The little belt driven ventilator fan unit little bearing is well known to go noisy and seize and / or warpage of the fan`s impellor is common but then it would be noisy which is not mentioned.....unless it is seized solid of course!
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