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AEG L14850 ( 914605312/02 )

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by 1totalshambles » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:34 pm

AEG washer dryer. Dyer problem. Can switch / abort drying whether set 2.5 hours or 1 hour or inbetween. no fault codes show up. Inconsistant fault, I myself never got it to go wrong. Well it wouldn`t would it!
Things that I know work.
The dryer fan works fine.
Ventilator fan ok too
The dryer heater and wash heater both work and have both been meggered, nothing trickling to earth.
It gets hot.
Dyer valve sometimes on sometimes off presume this is normal.
Condenser was well blocked up but I cleaned it all out -that was fun and games!
pump filter cleaned.
the bottom hose sensor`s wires are ok.
Good flow of air throughout the machine.
If set on 2 hours high cottons heat: sequence is valve on, dryer heaters both off, then fan starts, heaters on, valves off, then on, water into condenser - see it being sloshed around by fan action, then one dryer element off, then other off for awhile then back on.....time passes..... to cool down, finishes beep beep 0 time, drum goes back and forth all t/dryer functions are off.

Anyone got any other ideas please? Help!!!!
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