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Getting The Best Response In The Forums

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Our advice on getting the best responses and answers in the appliance forumsIf you want to get free help and try to find out what is wrong with your appliance then there’s a few things that you should know to ensure you get the best results possible.

The guys are really good, many of them extremely knowledgeable in the field but, they’re not mystical beings with superhuman powers and they need information from you in order to help you.

The most important things you need to supply are:

  • Make
  • Model number
  • Serial number/product codes if possible
  • A clear description of the problem and/or symptoms

After that any additional information can help like, what you’ve tried and what you have seen or noticed.

Why Model Info Is Needed

With the make, model and serial or production codes the guys can look up the machine and see what the layout or format is, see if there’s any technical bulletins and so on. If you don’t give them that they won’t be able to look all that information up.

They also will struggle to tell you what parts are needed, if they can do so.

Why Fault Descriptions Are Needed

People guess.

Often, they guess wrong.

So if you tell the guys what you see, what the symptoms are then they will often have a fair idea of possible causes. Without that it gets hard for them.

If your machine stops art a certain point, doesn’t heat, doesn’t fill, drain or whatever just tell them that and they’ll try to work out possible causes.

The more accurate you are, the more accurate they will be.

Plain English

Please, please post stuff in real English.

Break it up, use paragraphs and spacing, sentences and so on as one big long slab of text is extremely off-putting and difficult to read. Some of the people that may be able to help may well not even bother to trawl through it trying to work it out and put together what you are trying to say.

A few minutes making it legible can elicit far more and better responses.

Private Messaging Members

Please don't private message (PM) members unless they specifically ask you to do so.

Largely random PMs are ignored by most members and they are often regarded as spam.

You might think that sending a direct message would get you a fast and direct response but you would be wrong. You will actually get a better response and, often from another member or even members that have encountered the issue you have or, have more experience with that product by using the forum rather than the PM system.

In short, your best chance of the fastest and best answers is to use the forums, not private messages.

Bumping Posts

If you’ve had no response after a day or two by all means post a simple, “does anyone have a clue” about this.

There are some appliance that are extremely difficult to get info on and it may well be that nobody can help but, just as common is that someone that may be able to help just hasn’t seen your post.

Do keep in mind though that the people in the forum do this for free to help you and, they do have a day job that puts food on their table so, don’t always expect instant responses from what is a totally free service.

Search UK Whitegoods

Here you can search UK Whitegoods for all sorts of information on appliances from the content on the site including articles, forums and even the spare parts store using our custom Google search function.

Just type in what you want to find and anything that is available will be displayed.


Working Out Manufacturer Ratings

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We are quite open on how we work out the ratings that we give to various manufacturers and brands that we list in the manufacturer section as well as other places and we will explain the methodology involved and how we get to the ratings that we give for each rating and review.

Rating And Review Bar

We use a simple scale of five blocks to make it easy for people to take in at a glance. This is very deliberate and to make it more complex than this would mean that we would lose that simplicity.

The scale looks like this:

UK Whitegoods ratings and review bar

The worst score is in red, with fewer bars, the best score in green with five bars.

The closer to the central point he more neutral the view is.


There are several categories that we look at when we review a brand and there is a definite formula and method in how we arrive at each rating. Here we will explain each one in turn so that the process is transparent and brands can see how to improve their ranking as well as public able to understand how we get these ratings.

If you have any issue with the ratings given for any particular brand please do not hesitate to contact us with information or evidence that supports the need to alter the rating.

Market Share

Market share is determined by information from various sources but primarily is based on UK market share information published by GfK, ERT and other reputable sources.

If a brand is not listed then it is most likely that we will simply label it as "Not enough data" as the market share has not been measured in any way that allows us to publish a meaningful figure.

Brand Kudos

This is a more esoteric measurement based on the repairer's opinion of how well known a brand is in the public and trade eyes as well as how well regarded that the brand generally is.

Appliance Pricing

Again, this is a rating based on the trade and public perception of the price points for the brand in question and is a general measure of whether the brand is perceived as representing good value for money or not.


This is based on the repairer's opinion, opinions from consumers in the forums, retailer's opinions and from external sources such as Which?. The blend of all these opinions will offer an insight into the general reliability or, perceived quality of the brand.

You will often see comments in the "ALT" tag such as "product quality can vary" as many brands will buy in goods from multiple sources meaning that product quality can vary from appliance to appliance. Where this is the case it will negatively impact the overall score as the quality rating will be driven down by the lower score from poorer quality appliances.

Repair Rating

This is a guide as to how the repair trade, in general, views the brand in terms of ease of repair.

This covers the availability of technical information and diagnostic equipment to the general trade and where these are either not available, expensive or difficult to obtain will lead to a negative scoring.

Repairer Support

This is largely based on the number of repairers registered to repair the particular brand in our engineer search and how popular that the brand is there. 

The less demand for the brand to be added to the repairer's portfolio, the lower the score.

DIY Repair Rating

This is a measure of how easy we feel that the brand is to repair and this is affected by the support from repairers as this directly impacts the levels of support that customers can access in the forums as well as taking into account the cost and availability of spare parts.

Spare Parts Availability

This is measured by access to spare parts through major trade distributors as well as retail availability.

Direct supply through one or two sources is generally viewed in a very negative light as it can be viewed as being a monopolistic situation and we have, on multiple occasions, seen suppliers or importers entering administration leaving customers without the ability to get spare parts. 

If we cannot locate spare parts for the brand with one of around five major UK trade distributors then the likely score in this respect is liable to be very low.

Spare Parts Pricing

This is based on the spare parts pricing from the major spares distributors and is looked at in context with all other brands taking into account, to an extent, the market position of the brand.

For example, we would expect to pay more for a Miele drain pump than a Beko drain pump. However, that should be in line with the appliance pricing so if the Beko pump was say, £20 for a machine that retailed and £200 and the Miele drain pump was £150 for a machine that retailed at £800 then the Miele pump (given that respectively it is £70 over what would be expected) would be considered to be massively overpriced.

We look at random examples of spares prices as well as common spare parts to come to a judgement here.

Where the brand is new to market or we simply cannot find spare parts then you may well find this section labelled as "Not enough information".

Environmental Rating

This is based on the manufcturer's environmental policies as well as spare parts availability and costs as all these factors play together to make the products more repairable in the field (saving the need for replacement) and recondition-able.

In large part in terms of reconditioning, the availability of technical information and equipment is also important.

Brands that have high spares prices and do not make technical information easily available will score negatively on these points.

Conference 2012

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Over the last few years the whitegoods annual conferences have grown to become very well attended by the industry and the 2012 event to be held at the Coventry Hilton is set to be the largest whitegoods conference yet.

WTA Member logoThe 2012 Whitegoods Conference takes place on 24th February 2012.

You can register your attendance online using the simple registration form from this link. Registration is now open to all trade delegates as so, if you are in the industry, you are welcome to attend. You do not have to be a member of any trade association to attend.

The online form also allows you to also request hotel accommodation for the event or express your interest in presenting, exhibiting products or services or even holding a seminar/workshop at the conference.

We are still some time away from the conference at the time of writing and many of the items have still to be set but we will be updating this page as this happens in almost real time. So this page will change and be updated with the latest on the conference.

We will be introducing something new at the conference for engineers and, it doesn't come in a white box that is 60x60x85. 

In addition the following companies attending and displaying at the conference thus far:

  • AWS Services
  • Amica Wronki Appliances
  • Europart (H.T. Maddocks)
  • ISE
  • Qualtex
  • Connect Distribution
  • Masterpart
  • Statesman Appliances
  • Swift Distribution

Should you wish to have a display at the conference please contact us for more details.

More to follow!

Useful Links

Online registration available here

A map of the location of the Hilton Hotel is available from this link

The website of the Hilton Coventry is available from this link

Appliance Engineer Search

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You may have come across our unique appliance engineer search and wondering how you get your appliance repair business registered on the repair search function. Here we will explain how to do that.

If you have an independent repair company, that is to say that you do not offer national coverage or more than about a hundred postcodes, you can apply for a listing completely free of charge. We do not charge for this service at all, it is offered as a free referral service to both trade and public.

If you haven't yet seen the appliance repair search you can find it from this link.

What The Search DoesUK Whitegoods appliance engineer search facility

The engineer search function came about due to a need for the public (and some corporate trade) wishing to search our database of appliance repairers to find companies in specific areas that repaired specific products and until we created the original repairs@ module no such a search existed. Or, certainly not one that was as open and free as ours was.

The search allows people to enter their postcode, appliance type and appliance make where the postcode, product and brand are matched against our database of repairers for each enquiry and wherever there is a suitable repairer available the results are returned. 

This simple search makes it really easy for your customers to find you, quickly and know that you will repair their machine without having to trawl through phonebooks or hunt the Internet looking for a repairer.

But, more than that, all the repairers must adhere to the basic code of conduct that was set some years ago, carry public liability insurance and be bound by our system for dealing with any complaints that may arise. Not that we have to do much on the complaints front, in six years we have had three, from over 50,000 enquiries.

The enquiry is then passed to you by email (we can only send enquiries to a valid email address) for you to contact the customer and help with the issue.

It's fast, it's safe and it's accurate.

And, free.

How To Get Listed

The first thing you have to do is sign up for a trade account in for the forums. We cannot list accounts on the appliance repair search facility from September 2011 without you having a trade account for the UK Whitegoods forums as the account is set to be linked to your user account to view and alter settings.

To find out how to get an account and trade access assigned to it, please see this article

In the meantime, here's a list of what you will require to get listed on the appliance repair search:

  • Site username (Not your password, we will never ask for that)
  • All your business contact details including email address
  • Public liability details
  • A list of the postcode areas covered - we cannot accept town names or things like "withing XX miles of XXXXX", we must use postcodes
  • List of products and brands that you cover although you will be able to alter them later
  • WTA membership number if applicable, if you are a paid up WTA member then you will be highlighted on the search as the WTA COP overrides the UKW one and offers consumers more protection.


All these details will be required, if you don't have one or more then we will be unable to set you up on the system as we need all these details to give customers the best possible matching repairer.

If you see your business listed in the search and you want your information displayed in the search results as well as displayed to corporate clients the procedure is exaclty the same. We pull data on appliance repair companies from the internet, word of mouth, agency lists and a host of other sources so you may well see your company displayed even although you may not be aware of it. However, we only show partial details and we do not present your business as a result in our search as we do not know what you do or where and that information is vital in delivering quality search results.

General Information

The approved appliance engineers repair the following products that are listed on the system:

  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Washer Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Cookers
  • Hobs
  • Cooker Hoods
  • Fridge Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Deep Freezers
  • Chest Freezers
  • Waste Disposal Units
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Gas Hobs
  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Cookers


Most appliance engineers will undertake work on most brands but there can be limitations on what appliances the engineers specialise in carrying out repairs to. Please be aware that not all engineers will repair all products and we ask that they only list the products that they are prepared to repair.

Over 10,000 repairs are searched for using our free appliance engineer search facility every year please mention how you found your local appliance repair engineer when you contact the repairer.

washing machine repairs, dishwasher repairs, fridge repair, freezer repairs, cooker repairs, oven repairs, hob repairs, fridge freezer repairs, washer dryer repairs, tumble dryer repairs

Appliance Repairs

Find a domestic appliance service engineer to repair your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, oven, fridge or any other major domestic appliance

Time to call in the professional repairman? Contact repair companies directly and save on repair costs with our free search

Find a local approved service engineer to repair your appliance

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Stuck with an appliance fault or problem and need technical help?

Go here to get free help and assistance directly from appliance experts in our forums


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