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Not much is known about Britannia (established 1995) other than it was one of the first companies to introduce range cookers in the UK and have dedicated themselves to cooking products almost entirely with a heavy focus on range cookers and built in appliances.

The business started with a very small team but latterly employed over fifty people.

Britannia offered a selection of classic and contemporary range cookers, built-in ovens, hobs and hoods none of which it made itself as it operated as most own label brands do simply offerign rebadged proucts.

Sold through largely independent dealers and the internet Britannia appliances are in the mid to upper sector of the range cooker and ovens sector.

Due to low volumes and the fact that almost all service was carried out by Britannia's own service it was not possible to offer any meaningful opinion on the brand's general build quality or durability due to limited information.

The range cookers were very good but only sold under the britannia brand name, they were actually made by an Italian company called Ilve. The Ilve cookers are very good, parts are reasonable prices and you can by Ilve in the UK.

The company was also the UK distributor for Best Cooker Hoods and Bertazzoni cooking appliances.

A good alternative would be a Rangemaster or Ilve range cooker if britannia does not appear to suit you.

In 2013 britannia sadly entered into administration.

The company was subsequently bought by the Glen Dimplex Group becoming yet another brand under the wing of GDHA.

Now the newer models of range cookers from 2013 that we have seen are rebranded Bertazonni range cookers sold by Glen Dimplex under the britannia brand. Hard to keep up isn't it?

However if you are looking at a newer model of britannia cooker also look at the Bertazonni cookers as they will be more or less identical other than cosmetic differences and also look at Ilve which is just as good and probably cheaper both short and long term.

  Britannia Aftersales Service

Due to the position with britannia spare parts as the company had exclusive access there used to be no option but to use britannia service only.

That all changed when britannia ceased trading and GDHA took it on, now we can get Ilve and britannia spare parts no problem at all and, almost always cheaper than most other outlets.

Under the new owners, Glen Dimplex, we would fully expect things to be more difficult on the newer products and, probably more expensive as GDHA aren't cheap. As with other brands this means that you may be forced to pay higher repair charges and have little choice when it comes to repair options.

  Britannia Spare Parts

britannia under Glen dimplex, just as it was when standalone, appear to be very guarded on spare parts supply with only themselves being able to supply most spare parts for the brand.

At the prices they charge and charge, no wonder!

We supply many britannia spare parts often at a good 30-50% less than the "official" outlet and, they are exactly the same genuine factory spares. So obviously we would strongly recommend that you ask us for britannia parts as it could save you a small fortune.

There is little to no availability of spares from any of the major spare parts distributors and therefore we are forced to advise that we regard the spare parts supply as extremely limited for the newer Bertazonni produced cookers.

  Britannia Key Contacts

Official website/email: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official telephone support: 01253 471001

Unofficial technical support: Use forums

Unofficial retail spare parts supply:

Primary trade only supplier (where available): AWS

Address : Same as Glen Dimplex

  Britannia Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair britannia appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

britannia market share
Britannia's market share is not large overall  
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
britannia is not an especially well known brand
britannia appliance pricing
Reasonable prices for the level of quality on offer  
Britannia brand quality has generally been very good from wat we have seen  
Repair rating
Repair of most Britannia appliances should not be an issue  
Repairer support
Very little support is offered by Glen Dimplex to independent repairers  
DIY repair rating
Most common repairs are easy for Britannia cookers but can be hampered on occasion due to lack of technical and spares information  
Spare parts availability
Older Ilve produced models are no longer an issue however newer Bertazzoni produced cookers can be  
Spare part pricing
Older Ilve models, very good. Newer Bertazzoni models not so much.  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Britannia's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

Old Ilve stuff, great. Newer Bertazzoni made models under GDHA we canot comment too muc on yet.
Not much is known about britannia other than that if you buy one you are more or less stuck with britannia service and support only which makes it difficult to recommend the brand however spare parts have markedly improved since about 2015.

Please do note the comments above however for the caveats and explanation!


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical assistance or advice on any britannia range cooker or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and it's usually not bad for fault diagnosis and so on for britannia.

New 2013 britannia now manufactured by Bertazzoni not Ilve.
Now a Glen Dimplex Home Appliances brand joining Stoves, Belling and New World... britannia_livin g_appliances

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