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De Dietrich

De Dietrich domestic appliances

The De Dietrich brand name has a long history, the name can be traced back to the 18th century but over the years the appliance side has been sold a few times to different owners.

De Dietrich claim three centuries of innovations, state of the art kitchen appliances that enhance your lifestyle. We'd not fully agree with that, especially given that the name has not been owned by the same people for that length of time and it seems to be stretching the truth somewhat.

De Dietrich launched the first range of vitro-ceramic hobs with integrated knobs in 1985.

The French De Dietrich was bought by Spain's Fagor Electrodomesticos.

In late 2013 the Fagor parent group collapsed however and De Dietrich almost died along with the demise of Fagor but, for the UK and Eire at least it has been picked up and the brand resurrected by an Irish distributor called KAL. Servicing and spares arrangements are currently not confirmed.

However, any products sold prior to these events have little to no support whatsoever.

  De Dietrich Market Position

Priced towards the upper mid to top end of the market it would appear that Fagor want to take on the likes of Bosch, Siemens and Smeg.

The appliances and features are fine and probably would be well enough at home in this segment but they would often fall down on service and backup in the past when stacked up against the rivals. That however is changing and we hear that further changes to help solidify the service backup further are due to be undertaken during the course of 2012/2013.

Which has brought us to change our opinion largely on De Dietrich, they were much better than they had been in the past and were worthy alternatives to the likes of Smeg, Neff and so on before the group collapsed in 2013.

Under the new ownership, so far as we can see and tell, the products are merely generic products rebranded with the De Dietrich name.

De Dietrich built in oven

  De Dietrich Spare Parts

To sum up first, spare parts for De Dietrich have an absolute nightmare in the past but De Dietrich were working to solve any issues and that perception in the trade!

Spares in the UK can be expensive but most common parts required aren't too bad for a premium brand. Do be aware though that it is not unknown to have to pay nearly £100 for a set of four plastic knobs for a De Dietrich oven as just one example of price madness.

Spares can also take time to get with lead times of 7-10 days normal, longer not at all unusual but increasingly becoming less and less commonplace thankfully. However, De Dietrich have made huge efforts to improve this in recent times and it does appear to be working with all manners of systems to help their customers which we can't fault.

This is the backup that should be expected on a premium brand and quality appliance.

We can get any available spares for Brandt, Fagor and De Dietrich appliances but please bear in mind the above with most of the commonly used spare parts available in our store which De Dietrich did keep us abreast of, so most of the spares you might need should be listed, any that are not we can easily order for you on both counts of course if they are still available.

Since the collapse of the Fagor Group many of the spare parts that were unique to the group's brands are obsolete and totally unavailable.

Spares supply for new products from 2013/14 on are unknown to us.

  De Dietrich Service & Repairs

The best description of service on De Dietrich appliances over the past decade or so would be, ping pong ball!

It is one of those brands which in the industry, for service, seems almost nomadic as in the past decade we've had direct independent agents (which gave the best results we're told), Domestic & General insurance operating the service and now we have repaircare (another work provider) operating the service responsibility. The problem with shifting service about like this is that nobody gets settled with it.

There have been many problems as the brand and the servicing responsibility has been passed from pillar to post over the years in the UK. Many repairers won't touch the brand as they have been burned by them in the past and often, if they will repair one, it's at a huge cost to offset the hassle. Some repairers will quote a fee in excess of £100 just to attend one of these machines.

Service information can be terrible, very often the appliances are in the field before the service agents are even aware that they exist let alone have service information on them. For machines that are largely electronic with massive feature sets this is very poor, sometimes the engineer may well not even know how to switch it on!

That said, it is again something that De Dietrich are actively working to do something about. They have now got far, far better UK support than they have probably ever had in the past and have been improving that support steadily.

Service can be limited depending on geography and, most probably, not the cheapest when you need it. But many De Dietrich agents are exemplary at what they do and many of the repairers listed on our approved appliance engineer listings will be approved De Dietrich repair agents. You can search for a local appliance repair company in our free engineer search facility.

  De Dietrich Key Contacts

Official website/email: 

Official telephone support: 0844 557 3750

Unofficial technical support:

Retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier (where available): CDSL

Address : Intec 4, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NE

  De Dietrich Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair De Dietrich ovens, cookers and other products.

De Dietrich market share
Not enough information on De Dietrich market share  
Brand kudos
De Dietrich has a good brand awareness in the industry
De Dietrich is a largely unfamiliar brand in the UK to the public but is well known to the trade
De Dietrich appliance pricing
De Dietrich score here reflects the new ownership  
De Dietrich appliances are now an unknown quality  
Repair rating
De Dietrich can be technically challenging to repair and professional repairs are advised  
Repairer support
Information is available to repairers for De Dietrich cookers and other appliances  
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair De Dietrich products due to their technical nature and they are usually built in or integrated  
Spare parts availability
De Dietrich spare parts are now available from many suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Some De Dietrich spare parts are expensive but many can be sourced at reasonable cost  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on De Dietrich's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

De Dietrich specialise in stylish upmarket built in products
Revised to reflect the change in ownership.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any De Dietrich appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help will be available on fault diagnosis or fault finding and is a completely free service.

Kenneth Watt
Looks as if those are obsolete now. :(
Steve ODonovan
I am after the two drawers for the Dediertrich fridge RG4160F12.Can you supply these ?Cheers
Terry Dear
Sad to see the demise of DeDietrich. Up until the acquisition by Fagor they were an excellent company to be their service agent for. We covered the Reading and Guildford post-code areas for many years until our company closed down due to the death of its owner. The servicing then went downhill as other less experienced (in DeDeitrich) companies were used. We always found the people at Basingstoke very helpful, and I am sad to hear that they are no longer there.
G Evans
Not impressed with customer care . Hob given 5 year warranty in December 2013 advised another company would administer warranty. Hob failed in July 2014 and was unable to contact any one at de Dietrich .Contacted warranty administrators who advised they ceased dealing with this in April 2014, received no communications regarding this. E mailed owners of de Dietrich kitchen appliances Ltd - fagor Brandt in France asking advice no response. De Dietrich kitchen Appliances Limited called a creditors meeting to go into liquidation on 30 July 2014 (meeting 11August 2014). I guess warranty is void and I will have to pay for repair.
been waiting since mid november for diedetrich to supply one spare part for induction hob it is now mid january and still waiting, and this site tells us it is getting their act together i think not
Peter Downs
Not impressed with customer service. INduction hob failed 18 months after purchase and just over 12 months of use. De Dietrich refused to repair under warranty. (Handbook said in bold capitals that the product was warranted for 2 years. But in the small print of the last clause restricted this to Australia. Trading Standards agreed this was misleading. Repair finally done after I contacted the retailer under the Sale of GOods Act. Repair done last February - now (July) another failure in the repaired part. De Dietrich refuse to warrant the repair (warranty runs out on repair when the base warranty runs out - ie no warranty at all). Not impressed and no confidence in the product.

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