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Panasonic brand logoPanasonic Appliances

Panasonic has been around (in one form or another) since 1918 and is one of the world's most prestigious consumer electronics manufacturers.

In 2009 the globally recognised brand of Panasonic entered the world of European domestic appliances for the first time with a range of washing machine and fridge freezer models.

  Panasonic Market Position

For home laundry, washing machines, Panasonic has pitched itself right in at the top of the mid-market going head to head with the upper Bosch, AEG and LG machines. Whether the quality of the product stands that price point or not is open to debate due to many engineers commenting on the general quality level and, in particular, bemoaning premature bearing failures.

Also noted are comments about the liberal use of connectors in the machines, all of which create the potential for failure.

Also later washing machine models, the lower ones in the range, appear to be being made by Vestel of Turkey. 

We know that the higher range washing machines are made in China and we think, but cannot get definitive proof, that they are being made by Hisense for Panasonic.

Panasonic has largely pitched the machines as being "green" citing A+++ energy performance but, in reality, this will save most families little in terms of money used in power consumption. The inverter technology employed is widely used in the industry and has been for many years.

The refrigeration range little is known about as the fridge freezers have not been in the market long enough to form any real opinion however on the face of it they appear to be nothing too out of the ordinary.

On laundry, for not a lot more money, you can choose from Miele and ISE and get a far superior washing machine for little extra expense or, you could choose and LG, upper range Bosch or Siemens and get comparable quality for less.

The jury is out on the refrigeration due to low volumes and limited repair history to form a reasonable opinion of the products, especially the side by side American style fridge freezers. However it is worth noting that the water filters for Panasonic fridge freezers are extremely expensive in our opinion, so much so that over the life of the fridge freezer you could exceed the cost of the appliance in filters alone.

  Panasonic Spares

Arrangements for spares supplies are currently unknown with no supplies listed with any of the major trade spares distributors. Which surprises us for such a prolific brand name.

This may restrict the ability for independent repairers to offer service when the appliances exit the warranty period but some of the repair companies on our engineer search do carry out repairs for considerably less than the official service provider. 

  Panasonic Servicing

Servicing was carried out through a network of independent companies that was controlled by JTM / 0800 Repair.

However information reached us that the contract had been switched and that now Glen Dimplex were to supply field service for Panasonic appliances.

Alternatively you can use our engineer search to find a local repair company to fix your Panasonic appliance, quite probably for a lot less money.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Panasonic appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help should be available and it is a free service.

Panasonic washing machine
My Panasonic washing machine is flashing H 43 when I start and will not work S4Z
we want to ask whether there is selling filters for panasonic purifier F-PJD35A ?. Our location in jakarta indonesia.Bagiamana purchasing information? Thank you.

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