Flavel Cookers

Flavel is an astounding old British company that can trace the brands roots back to 1777, yes over three hundred years!

However the company didn't enter the cooking appliances market until the "Patent Kitchener" brought the company to real prominence. The first real cooking appliance to supersede the open ‘fire and spit’, the Kitchener was displayed at the Great Exhibition held at "Crystal Palace" in 1851. Some 19,000 exhibitors were represented at the Exhibition but only 17 Prize Medals with special approbation were granted and Flavel's Kitchener received one of these; just one of numerous subsequent awards that Flavel received.

A typical Flavel range cooker

Flavel remained a  privately owned Company until it was converted into a Limited Liability Company in 1902, but the Flavel family continued to oversee it's development and expansion as Directors up until 1931.

Although it was known primarily as a manufacturer of cooking appliances the Flavel factories were also commissioned at various times to assist the country at times of war, and cannonballs produced by Flavel were fired at both Trafalgar and Waterloo. During both the Great War and the Second World War, the factories were used for the production of munitions and armoury.

In more peaceful times the skills of the workforce enabled them to produce ornate and highly ornamental cast iron fireplaces, fire-backs and grates, many of them being specifically designed and cast for the great houses of the English aristocracy. Flavel was always recognized as being an innovative company and having had a relatively minor presence in the gas fire market in 1965 they introduced the first ever furniture fire with a wood surround - the Debonair.

Over the next 6 years this gas fire totally revolutionized the market and a phenomenal one and a half million were sold.

In more recent times the company continued to trade as Sidney Flavel and Co. until 1974 when it was absorbed into the Glynwed Group which was subsequently broken up in 1998 and the Flavel brand was transferred to Agafoodservice Group.

In 2002 AGA sold both the Leisure and Flavel brands to Turkey's Arcelik who are better known as Beko in the UK taking the brand ownership outside of the UK and, notably, all production as well to our knowledge.

Flavel Market Position

Flavel has gone from being a premium product with  massive history around the name to being, in our opinion, devalued to the same point almost as the Beko brand is regarded in the marketplace. In other words, a step up from the bottom of the market.

Obviously whilst the appliance were being produced by Rangemaster they were pretty good cookers and essentially a cut down Rangemaster but, now, that is no longer the case.

Flavel Service

Service is the same as it is for Beko and other brands that fall under the Beko umbrella for in-warranty service.

Outside of warranty it will often prove more cost effective to use an independent repair company such as those that you can find using our engineer search facility.

All in all the cookers and ovens are easily repairable in general with good spares availability and you will usually have little trouble in finding an engineer willing to repair these products at reasonable prices.

Flavel Spares

The one big positive about Beko buying the brand is that spares are usually sensibly priced making repairs and replacement spare parts easily affordable in general.

The older Rangemaster produced cookers carry the same pricing as Rangemaster spares and are very sensibly priced.

We normally have very little trouble sourcing any Flavel spare parts that you may need.

Flavel Key Contacts

Official website/email: http://www.flavelappliances.com

Official telephone support: 0845 600 4904

Unofficial technical support: http://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/forumsphpbb3

Retail spare parts supply: http://shop.ukwhitegoods.co.uk /  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Primary trade only supplier (where available): CDSL

Address : Beko House, Caxton Way, Watford, Herts, WD18 8UF

Flavel Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Flavel cookers and other products.

Flavel market share
Not enough information on Flavel market share
Brand kudos
Good brand reputation
Flavel is a well known brand to both trade and public alike
Flavel appliance pricing
Good value for money
reasonable quality for the market segment and pricing
Repair rating
Most repairs to Flavel are straightforward
Repairer support
Easy if you're an agent, not so easy if you aren't
DIY repair rating
Most common repairs for Flavel cookers are easy enough for DIY
Spare parts availability
Most trade suppliers carry or can get Flavel spare parts
Spare part pricing
Most spare parts are reasonably priced
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Flavel's environmental policies

Overall Flavel Rating

Flavel are a good bet for a mid to lower mid market cooker
Although not much more than a Beko in a dress mostly these days, Flavel is a reasonable buy in the lower mid market for cookers but, for anything else, you can probably buy a Beko branded appliance that's the same for less with the less attractive Beko branding on it

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or advice on any Flavel cooker or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the appliance help and advice forums from this link where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

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