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The ProAction washing machine and dishwasher models that are apparently only available in store exclusively as an own label brand to Argos appear to be yet another re-badged Vestel or possibly Chinese produced washing machines at the very budget end of the market.

From what we can determine there is absolutely no spares or technical information available outside of Argos and, like other cheap washing machines that are often own label brands from large chain retailers and supermarkets, we do not expect that spare parts will even be available outside of the warranty period. Some repairers have even reported the non-availability of spares and support on some of these washing machines within the warranty.

Please note that we are not ProAction and sometimes cannot assist with enquiries regarding this make!

For single people and perhaps a couple these machines may be okay for a short term measure where the budget is tight but, for family use, we would strongly recommend that these types of washing machine are avoided if at all possible.

If you want a washing machine that is going to last a number of years and quite probably be more reliable we would recommend that you look elsewhere.

There are also many other budget brand alternatives for not much more money including Amica, Beko and others that will offer better long term support.

  Proaction Support And Service

There appears to be none as with many other budget appliance brands. We suspect that this is in an effort to keep the costs as low as possible to save the need to buy spares for these products and to have any long term support.

However, being a Vestel based product would tend to indicate that service support would be provided via JTM Contracts or 0800 Repair through their network of independent subcontracted engineers as well as their own employed field service engineers. Although like Busch and Cookworks don't be shocked if to find Minerva Services or First4Service also in the mix.

The independent engineers, many of who are subcontracted to JTM may well take on repairs for Proaction appliances are listed in our engineer search and will most likely prove to be a lower cost option than the official service.

  Proaction Spare Parts

No support for spare parts is listed with any of the major spares distributors. we would have to assume that this means that ongoing support is liable to be extremely limited.

In 2017 however we have managed to suss out a good deal of the machines that are sold under the ProAction brand and we have spares availabe often much cheaper than you will find them elsewhere however, it's sadly not every machine. As this is an own brand label the machines can be made by a few different manufacturers so, most we will be able to help you with for parts but some we can't as we don't have the information to do so.

The only way to find out, if you can't find the part you need in the store on your own, is to ask us and we will advise you accordingly and do our level best to find the parts for you.

  Proaction Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: 0345 257 7271

Unofficial technical support: (May be limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply:

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Not Available

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Proaction washing machine or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Please note that, at the time of writing, we are unable to supply any spare parts for ProAction washing machines or any other appliances from this brand.

maria hopkins
Dishwasher heating element
Hi do you sale heating elements for the proaction prfs126w dishwasher is so how much
Lana soden
Slimline dishwasher
I have had my dishwasher for the past 7yrs it’s been brilliant but I need a new top basket where can I get one have tried all spare parts web sites with no joy .the dishwasher is pro action
I had mine 6 momths n today it dies on me. So angery!!!
charlie smith
I am looking for a part for my pro action A105QS Washing machine. I need a new filter. Where can i order one of these??
I have seen these on eBay for 12.99
Roger Mungham
Please can you send me the KW of a Proaction Washing machine PRO510A
Roger Mungham
Please can you tell me the KW of a Proaction Washing Machine PRO510A
Mark Galley
We've had our Proaction dishwasher for 2 yrs and it's still as good as new. Used everyday and no problems at all ......Vhappy
Mohamed Hasham
looking for spare part for a washing machine model pro action a105qw the part required start/pause button
Just purchased a Proaction Pro510A+W, big mistake. The Start/Pause button & No Spin buttons are already stuck in & door lock stuck, on second load. I phoned argos, they could not help without serial number, which is located inside the machine door! Why did I believe the argos reviews? Its obvious now that they filter out the bad ones. This machine is utter rubbish. DO NOT BUY!!!!

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