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Swan Appliances

Swan appliances logo

The Swan brand name was registered by Bulpitt & Sons Ltd in the early part of the 20th century and was primarily used for their domestic range of polished aluminium products like frying pans, kettles, tea sets and jelly moulds.

In the 1920's, the company moved into electrical appliances including kettles, irons, heaters and steamers. They pioneered the first electric element that could be immersed in water leading to a range of products based around their "immersion element", including tea urns, kettles, steamers and coffee percolators. Later, they developed and patented a unique safety cut-out for kettles.

The Swan brand continued it's success throughout the next few decades and became synonymous with solid, British manufacturing quality and innovation. But the company that it once was no longer exists.

Birmingham Sound Reproducers

BSR were manufacturers of turntables, amplifiers and other electronics equipment - famous for their autochanger mechanism used on over a million record players! In the 1970's BSR employed around 14,000 people at their factories in the Black Country. It was also in the 1970s that BSR acquired a number of companies or brand names including Goblin Ltd, Judge International Housewares Ltd and Bulpitt & Sons Ltd.

The three brands, Goblin, Judge and Swan became subsidiaries of BSR (Housewares) Ltd. Judge was a manufacturer of housewares such as pots & pans. Goblin were manufacturers of electrical appliances including vacuum cleaners and their famous Goblin Teasmade - that later became the famed Swan Teasmade.


In the latter part of the 1980's and through into the 2000's it was very difficult times for British and European manufacturers with intense pressure from cheaper, Far East imports. Core products such as kettles and toasters became little more than kitchen fashion accessories that were changed frequently - often before the warranty had even expired as the influx of cheap imports were so cheap.

The need for quality products that would last a lifetime was diminishing or, consumers were not prepared to pay for quality products instead preferring to buy cheap throw-away items.

In 1988 the Swan Brand was acquired by French manufacturers, Moulinex. Bulpitt & Sons Ltd was finally dissolved on 21st May 1989 - approximately 100 years after they were first established.

However, Moulinex were also under pressure from cheap imports. The company went bankrupt in 2001 with the Moulinex brand name being acquired by Tefal of France.

Swan Appliances Brand Name

Now the own label brand name is used under license and we have seen Swan appliances being sold exclusively by Littlewoods in the UK.

Like some other old, trusted and recognised brand names people think that, due to the history and recognition, that they are buying a quality product from a long established company when that is very often not the case.

The Swan washing machines that we have looked at in both the Swan and Swan Essentials ranges appear to be being produced by Vestel just as budget washing machines from Tesco, Argos and others are as well. The Swan Premier range would appear to be Daewoo washing machine models rebranded as Swan.

  Swan Support And Service

Please note that we are not Swan and cannot assist with most enquiries regarding this make!

As with similar brands from other large retail chains and supermarkets, there appears to be none.

From what we can find out at the time of writing spares and service are virtually unavailable outside of the warranty period. We suspect that this is, as with others, in an effort to keep the costs as low as possible to save the need to buy spares for these products and to have any long term support.

We have heard reports from some engineers saying that spare parts have not been available whilst the machines are in warranty and that the policy is to refuse to supply any spare parts once the appliances are outside the warranty period. Until this policy changes we cannot in any way recommend that you buy these products.

In 2017 however we sussed a lot of the products were being made by Vestel and, that's a good thing in some ways as at least we can get a lot of parts for those products and, they are often at sensible prices so it is worth asking us to see what we can find for you.

Should you require appliances that you wish to have for a number of years then, as things stand, we would strongly recommend that you look elsewhere.

  Swan Appliances Key Contacts

Official website/email: Unknown

Official telephone support: Unknonwn

Unofficial technical support: None available

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: None available

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None available

  Swan Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Meireles cookers and other products.

Swan market share
Not enough information on Swan's market share  
Brand kudos
Bad brand reputation in the industry
Swan is a fairly well known brand name in the UK but it is not what most people think it is
Swan appliance pricing
Not enough information  
Poor quality products  
Repair rating
Usually, due to a lack os spare parts, Swan appliances cannot be repaired  
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for Swan appliances  
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Swan appliances due to lack of technical and spares  
Spare parts availability
No official spare part support that we can find from any suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Not enough information to comment  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Swan's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

We don't really like Swan appliances due to the complete lack of support
Swan now is little more than a shell, it is a brand that there is seemingly utterly no spare parts support for or technical support so our strong advice is to avoid this brand

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Swan appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help may be available but very often restricted on the Swan brand.

Carol Parker
Swan free standing Cooker
Only had just over one and half years And the grill and top oven will not stop on ..the gas just goes out .. can seam to find out who can mend it
Debbie Johnson
Swan washer 1010Ba 9 years old is showing error 3. What is wrong?
My Swan washer is showing error 3
What’s wrong

Swan 7kg wash machine
I have had my black Swan 7kg washing machine for approx 8 yrs. has worked perfectly. Never had a problem. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
barbara young
fridge freezer
I purchased a Swan fridge freezer 20/02/26 and now it has stopped working. an engineer had a look and said it was the compressor that was not working. Surely it should last longer than 15 months? its not something I would expect to have to buy annually!
How long should they last on average?

Marcus Stewart
Swan chest freezer
Interesting article. Swan\'s just being given a Best Buy by Which? for a chest freezer - BD142ja (80%) - claiming it\'s well-insulated, cheap to run, etc, and it\'s a good price (much cheaper than some inferior rivals).

If, however, it may be unreliable and/or hard to get repaired at a reasonable price, it\'s unclear where this leaves us. Does one go for a well-recommended appliance but from a dodgy manufacturer (Vestel) at a cheap price and hope it lasts several years or more, or disregard the good recommendation and pay more for a better \'brand\'?

Kenneth Watt
Hi Kiera please see this article:
i'm having trouble with the fabric softener despensing drawer, the fabric softener wont go into the machine it just stays the in middle part of the drawer. any ideas?
I purchased a Swan washing machine via Littlewoods and after using it once it no longer works. The drum will not move at all, not to do a wash cycle or spin or anything. What can I do about this? I've gone through the manual and made sure the machine was installed properly and level but nothing has changed.
michelle shepherd
my black swann washer model 2020b start button and the half teashirt sign button kerps flashin full of water carnt go on another programm as the dial button want go red please help
Our Little Swan washing machine stocked in a drained mode. It's an automatic washing machine. it doesn't store water even if it's in washing mode that's why we can only use it for drying clothes but not for washing. what should we do to fix it? or is there anyway to fix it by DIY?

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