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Russell Hobbs brand logo

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs is a well known brand name the world over for small kitchen appliances such as toasters, kettles, coffee machines, food mixers and so on but, for major domestic appliances, Russell Hobbs produce not a single product themselves. If you visit the Russell Hobbs global website you will see no mention of washing machines or any other major kitchen appliance.

From what we can gather the Russell Hobbs name is being used under license by Asda (Wallmart) as an own label brand to sell cheap home appliances, in the UK this is primarily a few washing machine models along with some freezers and not much else. These are sold through in-store promotions and through the Asda Direct website for home delivery and we've spotted them being sold by Tesco Direct as well and a lot on Amazon.

The only other outlet seems to be Ebay where returns or supposed "graded" machines are being sold. We would expect these to largely be reworked warranty returns.

The washing machines appear, like many others, to be being manufactured mainly by Vestel of Turkey.

We have noticed (2012 on) that some of the "higher specification" washing machines being sold under the Russell Hobbs brand would appear to be coming from Daewoo.

Once again using the brand name, which is respected and largely trusted by UK consumers, appears to be a way to engender trust with customers that they are buying a reputable product or, to increase the margins on the goods.

The fact is, that these products are at the very budget end of the market and whilst we would say that they may suit a single person or perhaps a couple, they are of little use for a family and you should not expect them to last much beyond their warranty period, especially in what is considered to be "high use" of more than 250 washes a year.

But with what we view as abysmally poor support and hardly wonderful build quality it's very hard to recommend these machines other than if you have no other option. So, avoid if possible.

  Rusell Hobbs Market Position

Budget range products made to look the part but they are nothing special and no different from many of the other own label branded products.

Laundry products are or at least seem to be mainly from Vestel but a couple of models made by Daewoo. In either case do not expect fantastic performance or durability as neither are great.

Refrigeration is the usual Chinese stuff, Hisense Kelon who we think make the cheap (very cheap) American side by side machines as well as others and beyond hisense making product the rest will be a mixed bag of cheap Chinese stuff we expect. Quality and durability once more, not particularly good.

  Russell Hobbs Service

Official service seems to be being carried out by JTM Contracts or 0800 Repair whilst the machines are inside their warranty period.

Outside of warranty many of the repairers from our engineer search will repair the machines, often at a lower cost than the official route although we doubt that there is much of an offical service beyond the warranty period.

Service outside the warranty period may be hampered however by the situation with spare parts.

  Russell Hobbs Spare Parts

Outside of the warranty period spare parts would appear to be extremely limited. None of the major trade spares suppliers or distributors would appear to have any access to or supplies of spare parts for these washing machines and other products.

Where spare parts have been sourced they do seem to be very expensive in relation to the initial cost price of the products.

Currently, we have no access to spare parts for Russell Hobbs other than those that we have been able to cross reference to other models and we have no technical or spares information for any of the models sold in the UK. The support to the general trade for spare parts and service is pretty much non-existant so when it does break and, it will, don't expect to be able to get spares or parts easily, if at all.

We say this as, traditionally in the appliance industry, Chinese suppliers are utterly woeful at spare parts support. It is not uncommon at all for parts to be obsolete after two years at most.

  Russell Hobbs Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Russell Hobbs market share
Small UK market share, thankfully some might say
Very small UK market share
Brand kudos
Well known in the industry and with the public
A well known brand in the UK but "well known" doesn't mean it's any good
Russell Hobbs appliance pricing
Very cheap but, nasty by all accounts
Very cheap but, not very good
Not good quality levels at all sadly.
Not good quality levels at all sadly according to the repairers
Repair rating
Feedback we have seen from the troops is bad. Terrible quality, poor spares availability and generally not liked at all.
Feedback we have seen from the repair techs is bad. Not too good quality, poor spares availability and generally not liked at all
Repairer support
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
DIY repair rating
Not easy to DIY repair
Not easy to DIY repair these products when there is no information and few spare parts avaialble
Spare parts availability
Few spare parts available from any major suppliers
Few spare parts available from any major suppliers
Spare part pricing
Not enough found to form any opinion
Not enough found to form any real opinion outside of they seemed a bit over the top
Environmental rating
No information on environmental policies
No information on environmental policies

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
Cheap rebadged budget products. There is really no redeeming factors that would allow us to recommend Russell Hobbs products to buyers. We wouldn't buy one, you shouldn't either as there's loads more that are a better bet than this.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Russell Hobbs appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Fridge and freezer
I purchased a Russell Hobbs fridge and freezer from Argos. I phoned Russell Hobbs beforehand to confirm this was a RH product I had recently returned a "Swan" fridge freezer after finding out it was actually Shop Direct manufactured. I have just searched for my products on RH website, but it redirected to mdarussellhobbs .com
Can you confirm if my appliances ARE Russell Hobbs?
RH55LF142B. RH55FZ142B
Thank you

jacqueline giulianot
i purchased a russell hobbs washing machine (RH124BSW) in silver approx 2 years ago and to my dismay the concrete block that holds the drum in place disintegrated. i found a bolt sheared through the middle and the concrete block lying in two. i am sure you will agree that this is a serious matter, this should not have happened within the life span of the machine. as the machine was out of manufacturers warranty (1yr) i have had to purchase another machine. this issue could have caused serious damage to my kitchen and serious injury to either myself or a family member. this issue was recently addressed by watch dog and i feel that i will nead to take futher advice on this matter as the machine was not fit for purpose according to the sale of goods act.

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