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Logik Appliances

Logik brand logo

Dixons own brand label Logik is an exclusive own label brand name to the UK based retailer that appears to be sold only through Currys stores and online that appears to be used on multiple product lines including washing machines, televisions, small appliances and many other items.

Not much is known about the brand but given it's low price point it is reasonable to assume that this is effectively used as a budget brand by the retailer to avoid price comparisons to be drawn with others.

So far we have only give a cursory look at the washing machine and fridge freezer models.

When we looked in 2012 the washing machines were being sourced from Vestel like many, many others in the same price range. the higher level washing machine appear to be re-branded Daewoo washing machines.

The fridge freezers are also highly likely to be Vestel produced as well or, possibly, of Chinese origin from Hisense or one of the other popular Chinese sources.

At this price level do not expect good or long lasting appliances as you are likely to be disappointed. If you have high use needs for even moderate normal family use, we would advise you to look elsewhere as, especially the washing machines, are liable to be unsuitable.

  Logik Service

Restricted to Dixons own KnowHow service we expect with technical information most likely also restricted.

Given this and the lack of spare parts information getting repairs outside of the warranty period by anyone other than KnowHow could prove difficult.

Please note that we are not Logik, even if you are told that we are!

  Logik Spare Parts

Restricted to Currys own Partmaster service we expect and probably relatively expensive. 

Little to no information available however we can cross reference some of the parts to others so it can be worth asking us to try esp[ecially as when we do find spare parts for Logik, we're usually much cheaper than anywhere else.

  Logik Rating & Review

Logik market share
No information
Brand kudos
Not a good brand reputation in the industry
Logik appliance pricing
More budget product with quallity to match
Not brilliant quality levels sadly
Repair rating
Not a great reputation due to limitations
Repairer support
Many repairers will repair a Logik appliance but you may be limited in how many choices you will have
DIY repair rating
No technical support beyond Currys and limited spares info make DIY repair and getting help difficult
Spare parts availability
Spare parts are generally available but supplies are limited
Spare part pricing
Many spare parts are expensive but some spares are okay priced
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Logik's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Logik appliances are not a good buy in our opinion
Just another own label brand that is not a good buy in our opinion.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Logik appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help will be available on fault diagnosis etc and is a completely free service.

G O\'Kelly
replacement kettle filters
Hi, looking for a replacement kettle filter for a Logik kettle, L17SKC14. Can you help?
Stephen Walker
Logik Washing Machine Warranty Repair
My washing machine has recently malfunctioned, it no long spins off, so the clothes are saturated on completion of a cycle. Can you tell me the process of getting this repaired under warranty please.
Lauren Bleach
LOGIK L200IR17 Steam Iron - Purple Product code: 191144
Please stop supplying plastic measuring cups with the irons We need to stop putting plastic into the world and people do not need them they just need to know how much water to till the iron with Thank you
Graham Dickinson
I purchased a Logik free standing twin cavity electric cooker ( LFTC50W12) March 2016 with a ceramic top.. Oven door seal snapped January 2017 was sent out a new seal free of charge as the oven was under warranty.. Then oven packed up Good Friday 2018. Decided to purchase the same (LFTC50W16) rather than have it repaired but this time around have decided to purchase warranty as i am left wondering if this will last 18 months
This is a good cheap as chips cooker easy to clean ceramic top , grill is a bit dodgy keeps cutting out , oven is very good.
I am happy with this cooker well worth £270 better than a £700 purchase

Login L10spdv13 battery
Looking for replacement battery for this portable DVD player. Staff at local Currys unable to help. Any ideas please?
Peter Allen
Sky TV remote code required
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me, I require the sky remote control for my Logik TV (L24FED12) I have tried in sky customer services section but cant locate this model. It is a bit annoying not being able to use the volume button on the sky remote and having to use them on the tv remote. Thanks
I need Remote control code for the LOGIK LBD1000 .. please help me
Barry Heap
Logik larder fridge
I have owned a Logik freestanding larder fridge for 18 months. The fridge has recently been left with the door open and switched off for about 6 weeks whilst seeking a tenant for the flat where the fridge is kept. On switching the fridge back on - nothing seems to happen. There is no sound of a motor running and no indication internally as the light bulb inside gave out after several weeks from new. Anybody have any ideas on how to resuscitate my dead fridge please?
Barry Heap
Logik freestanding larder fridge
I have owned this item for about 18 months now and it has been left open and switched off for a period of about 6 weeks whilst our flat has been rented. On attempting to switch the appliance back on, nothing seems to happen - no motor noise and no indication of power as the internal light gave up months ago. Has anybody any ideas on resuscitating this dead fridge please?
Dave Crebbin
Users manual
Hi hope you can help me , I am looking for instruction manual for the washing machine is

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