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Lamona brand logoWe are often asked who Lamona are by people and the actual answer to that question is more complex than it really deserves to be.

Lamona is a brand name used exclusively by Howdens Joinery as an own-label brand. This makes price comparisons on appliances supplied by kitchen fitters and builder that use Howdens very difficult, if not impossible for people to make. It is a popular tactic employed by many larger companies that supply to both trade and public alike in our industry.

Howdens Joinery was originally a part of the MFI Group and many of the older Lamona appliances share their DNA with the other MFI brands, Hygena and Diplomat. However in 2006 the MFI retail side of the business was sold to Merchant Equity Partners whilst the original company retained Howdens. MFI entered into administration in 2008 long after the ties had been severed from a business perspective with Howdens and the Lamona brand.

There is little history of the actual Lamona brand that can be found beyond that it is apparently a breed of chicken and, probably the reason for the name is that a chicken is used in the Howdens logo and that Lamona is merely a subset of that business. Whatever the reason, there is little more information that you will learn searching elsewhere online about the brand.

However, neither Lamona or Howdens as a company produce a single appliance themselves. Every single Lamona appliance is merely a re-badged version of something else.

This largely places Lamona in the same league as the likes of Caple, CDA, Kompact, Diplomat and a raft of others. 

From what we can gather products are largely sourced from Beko, Candy, Fagor Brandt, Glen Dimplex and the other usual rebranding specialists around the globe.

  Lamona Market Position

Like many of these sorts of brands the premise to customers is that Lamona is that "little bit better" but the reality is, it's just a reworking of another brand's appliance or appliances with a Lamona badge slapped on the front.

We have seen cooking, refrigeration products, integrated fridges and freezers from Beko.

Laundry from Candy.

Integrated dishwashers from the usual Chinese suspects of Haier and Midea among others.

Cooking products such as hobs, hoods, ovens and cookers are mainly from Beko and others as well as some appearing from the Glen Dimplex stable for range cookers and freestanding cooking.

In other words, it's nothing special and you will often find yourself able to save a lot of money by shopping around and buying these appliances direct without be re-branded to Lamona with a price hike added. That said, often there are deals on offer when these appliances are bought as part of a kitchen and, they are no worse than anything else in the price range, some are even sold cheaper than the brands they came from's own products so, it can be a bargain as well.

  Lamona Service

Although Lamona say (obviously) that they offer what they consider to be "the best after sales service in the UK" there appears no foundation for that but, equally, not much reason to doubt it either. From what we can gather though the service is split between the different brands that Lamona use to actually make their appliances or the use Glen Dimplex service.

We think it could be a bit patchy.

Given that the Lamona products are all re-branded versions of other products the engineers on our engineer search will have little issue in repairing the appliances for the most part. 

However, it should be pointed out that, for the trade, there is little clarity on who is the appointed spare parts distributor/s or where spares and technical information is available and this could be a barrier to service from independent repairers.

  Lamona Spare Parts

We can usually source virtually any Lamona spare part should you need it and we have a great many of the common Lamona spares available in our spare parts store.

IMPORTANT: Please do ensure that you order by the model number though, even if the parts look the same they may vary from model to model as these are re-branded products and he same spare parts are not used on all models.

This also means that quite often, by cross referencing the spare parts, we can save you a lot of money by using suppliers that charge less for exactly the same spare parts. This has happened a lot over the past few years with savings from a few pounds to over £60 on a set of hinges for an integrated fridge or freezer. It is very much worth asking us by emailing the model number and the parts you need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or using the form below.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Lamona appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the appliance help and advice for Lamona products in our forums from this link where much more help will be available.
Hello everybody, how to contact with Lamona via email? I have problem with my oven (Lamona brand of course) this piece of garbage exploded in my kitchen yesterday. I can't find any contact with this company.
Very Unhappy
Kenneth Watt
The only place you will get that is from Howdens.
Mary Perren
I have lost my instruction book for my lamona Ceramic Hob.Can I down load a copy/
Kenneth Watt
Hi Patrick,You would need to contact Howdens or your kitchen supplier for any of that.
Patrick Allen
I have had a kitchen installed including a Lamona dishwasher, oven, hob, extractor but cannot find the serial numbers etc. to register them or to apply for any extended warranties etc.Can you help?
Kenneth Watt
Two things Sean.1. The parts don't lie, the manufacturer's mentioned *HAVE* made branded Lamona appliances. Lamona do not produce a single appliance themselves, end of story.2. GDHA are of little use to the general trade for spare parts supply and we have seen the pricing as indicated.Unless of course you can factually prove that what you have stated is correct it is merely an opinion and, one that is factually incorrect.
sean howard
Please get your facts straight. Most of those brands names have not made Lamona appliances. Only Gdha manage the two year Guarantee's. None of the Diplomat appliances have any connection with Lamona. GDHA IS THE AUTHORISED SPARES DISTRIBUTOR!!!

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