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Midea Appliances

Midea is a behemoth of an appliance company from China and, although you will probably never have heard of the actual brand name itself, you will almost certainly have seen Midea products in UK stores.

The Midea brand logo spotted on a built in ceramic hobMidea makes a vast range of products asides from large domestic appliances including small appliances, air conditioning, refrigeration components and more with over 150,000 employees, $22 billion in revenue and exports to over 200 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1968 in Beijiao, Shunde in China.

Midea makes own label brand appliances for many other companies though including Zanussi (Electrolux), Amica, Statesman, CDA, Caple, Howdens and many, many more brands are either using or have used Midea to make appliances on their behalf.

Midea manufactures washing machines, built in ovens and hobs, cooker hoods, cookers, fridge freezers including American side by side style, microwave ovens and of course dishwashers.

There has been a move recently for Midea to promote its own brand name outside of its home Chinese market but is rarely seen in the UK and, at the time of writing, Midea did not have a UK office.

  Midea Market Position

As you might expect most Midea products are at the lower end of the market and are both highly price sensitive and price driven. This almost inevitably leads to a low quality product that is not up to the same sorts of build standard as many more traditional European brands offer.

Like many Chinese manufacturers however there are better specified and built products available but few people would appear to order them.

  Midea Service

There is no official UK service as the brands that buy products from Midea with their name on them, known as OEM, will be responsible for their own servicing requirements.

  Midea Spare Parts

To all intents the same should apply to spare parts as service does above however, there has been criticism from brands that have bought products from Midea about poor support and spare parts availability.

We largely come across Midea produced refrigeration, mainly fridge freezers as well as laundry products in the form of washing machines and dishwashers and the lead times on some spare parts can stretch to months, if you get any indication if the spare parts will ever be available.

Couple this with the poor quality and you have a recipe for disaster which is most likely why many European brands that have used Midea have dropped the products and moved to Turkish manufacturers like Vestel in large part.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Midea appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available.

michelle m
Hi my washing machine has stopped mid wash and is reading e3 and e4 can you tell me what the problem is thank you
Zanon Zakariya
My Midea washing machine does not spin.
aleksa gubas
Washin mashine shows error e34. please unsver
I have a Midea Dish washer WQP12-9240A which stopped working and deeps when it hits the wash cycle. In order to reset the dish washer to try again you need to turn off the power all together, but try after try it stops on ths cycle.

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