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Luxor would appear to be a largely unknown brand to both trade and public with only a limited range of washing machines that we could find available. All the washing machine models we could find appear to be rebranded Vestel products with some that could have come from China, namely Midea or Haier but with little to no information on the actual brand name itself.

Luxor Market Position

Budget brand that appears to be (or have been) sold through small independent dealers although we did find some that would appear to have been sold through Asda at one point.

Luxor Service

At the time of writing not much is known about service for Luxor products, including who carries out service for the company although we think much was being done by JTM or 0800 Repair.

Luxor Spare Parts

Like service, not much is known about the arrangements for spare parts other than that it would appear that 0800 Repair has exclusivity to the brand's spares in so far as appliances go. Supply of spare parts seems to be very limited.

Please note that we are not Luxor and cannot assist with most enquiries regarding this make!

Luxor Key Contacts

Official website/email: Not Available

Official telephone support: Not Available

Unofficial technical support: (May be limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: Not Available

Primary trade only supplier (where available): 0800 Repair

Address : Not Known

Luxor Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Luxor appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

Luxor market share
Not enough information on Luxor market share
Luxor Brand kudos
Not a well known brand in the industry or with the public
Luxor appliance pricing
Not enough information
Luxor Quality
Not enough information to rate the quality of Luxor
Repair rating
Not enough repair information to rate Luxor appliances
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for Luxor appliances
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Luxor washing machines due to lack of technical and spares
Spare parts availability
Only one oulet for spare parts and high prices
Spare part pricing
Luxor spare part prices seem high in relation to the cost of the appliances
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Arda's environmental policies

Overall Luxor Rating

Not enough information on the Arda brand to offer a lot of opinion
Luxor seems to be another re-branded appliance with poor support and expensive spare parts prices outside of the warranty

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Luxor appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the appliance help and advice forums from this link where much more help will be available and is a completely free service. 

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