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The Electra brand is a bit odd and has a bit of a chequered past, but it's essential to understand that Electra has always been a brand name and no more.

It is not a company as such and never has been.

It has never, ever made a single appliance nor has it ever had any production capability at all.

Okay, with that out the way, we will explain what we can or, as much as we can about Electra products.

Electra History

We first came across the Electra brand way, way back in the 1980s. Back then, it was an exclusive brand used by the various electricity suppliers around the UK to sell rebranded products with minor alterations.

Typically what we'd see is the like of a rebadged Candy washer dryer etc. with a delay timer on it, badged Electra.

People didn't suss what they were and bought them to get the delay timer so the machines could be used on cheap electricity tariffs overnight. The merits of delay timers you can find explained elsewhere on the site but, suffice to say, we're not fans.

Over time the electricity boards, who at this time still had high street stores (remember those!) expanded the brand to include refrigeration products and so on.

And, as it was an exclusive brand to them alone, nobody could price compare to other retailers such as Comet and Currys.

As time went on Servis (under whatever ownership at the time) took over from Candy and others making most of the Electra products.

We think, but don't know for sure, that when the various electricity boards shuttered their stores that Servis took on the brand.

Then Servis went bust in 2008.

Electra Now

These days it seems that the Electra brand is owned and operated by Vestel as they inherited it when they bought Servis after it collapsed.

So now when you buy any Electra product, it is just another Vestel machine with the brand name slapped on it.

To learn more about Vestel, please see the relevant page.

Electra Market Position


Pretty much the same as most other own label stuff.

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