General Domestic Appliance Buying Advice

Buyer's guides for all domestic appliances

This section covers knowledge that you may need to buy appliances in general and a lot of it what you need to know before you buy a new appliance so you get the right appliance and, the right deal!

Information about energy consumption, the environment, installation as well as our page for discount codes and bargains and loads more.

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1 Trusting Appliance Reviews 2225
2 Pros And Cons Of Delayed Start 1439
3 Commercial Use Of Domestic Appliances 6558
4 Energy Use In Appliances 2229
5 Made In China 5601
6 Green Confusion And Lies 2368
7 Buying Cheap Appliances 5685
8 Going Green With Your Appliances 3283
9 Appliance Sound Levels 17536
10 Discount Codes And Bargains 18776
11 Price Comparison Sites, A Warning! 8006
12 Cheap Appliances 4245
13 Cheap Kitchen, Cheap Appliances 8437
14 Appliance Environmental Issues 6453
15 Domestic Appliance Extended Warranties 8061
16 Domestic Appliance Energy Labels: What Do They Mean? 19369
17 Using Appliances In Outbuildings 8110
18 What Is In A Name? 35192
19 Internet Connected Appliances 6952



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