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There are several Competence range AEG ovens as well as a number of Electrolux branded built in oven and cooker models that all use a little thermostat, marked as a "ZN Limitor" controls the cooling fan on the oven models listed below. When the limit thermostat goes faulty the cooling fan will normally fail to run causing the oven to overheat and cut out. When this happens the oven will go totally dead after about ten to fifteen minutes, no lights, no clock or anything else will power up.

The cure is, almost 100% of the time, to simple replace this little thermal limiter and you're back in business again.

The part is easy to replace for most competent DIY capable people and available from this link along with photos of where the limiter can be found and is mounted.

Models affected are as shown on the replacement spare part page form the link above although

AEG Competence cuts out (non ZN limitor)
My DC7003000 cuts out after about 10 mins and does so on either oven. I bought a ZN limitor but having just stripped the oven casings (top and rear) off there isn\'t one so assuming it is a different model. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alan
AEG built in oven
My AEG built in double oven nearly caused a fire. I was using the lower oven for the weekend roast, after a couple of hours smelt a burning smell - the roast was fine but the oven had burnt right through the top of the housing unit supporting it so I quickly switched it off! Fortunately, I had roasting tins in the cupboard beneath the oven. It is now over a week since the AEG engineer came to investigate and write a report and I have been without an oven. No roasts for my family over the Bank Holiday weekend!
Hi Mary,

Sorry to hear that and for the bit of tough love advice I am about to offer.

There is nothing in an oven or cooker that go on fire, manufacturers of them are not stupid, they do not put flammable items in an appliance wherever possible but on a cooker or oven yet more so this applies.

In the actual oven cavity, there is nothing that can go on fire at all. As in, nothing at all other than what you put into it and any grease etc that isn\'t cleaned out of it.

So here\'s the thing about the report you are waiting on, it will almost inevitably say that this was due to something in the appliance whilst in use, being it what was being cooked in it or, what residues were in it that ignited as, that is all that can ignite!

I realise that is probably not what you want to hear but, it is the truth of it.

AEG built in double oven
What burnt was the top of the kitchen housing unit that holds and supports the built in double oven, there is now a burnt hole in the top of the unit so you can touch the bottom of the oven above it. Is there a way I can attach a photo of the burnt through kitchen unit?
Sorry, these comments are meant for comments on the articles in general and not for fault diagnostics etc so there is no way to upload photos.

You will probably find that has been happening for a long time, it takes a lot to burn through a kitchen unit and there can be a number of reasons for that to happen.

Mr Mccann
Every now and then (becoming more often) the cook trips the main switch if it gets to a certain temputure. Any ideas ?
I have exactly the same problem- oven cutting out- no fun, no light but clock stays on. Could you please advice which part needs to be replaced?
David Head
Our aeg cuts out but the clock stays on (the light goes out). We have been told the control panel is obsolete. Help!
P.D. Roberts
Competence B6100-1 not powering up and no clock flashingChecked power to control board and fuse OKSn No. 20125499 PWC 94418174691AFF03GGAny help much apreciated
Hi,I have changed the ZN limiter but the fan still doesn't come on. I have tested the fan and this works. What other componet can be causing the problem?

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