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Specific Faults And Service Notes

Hoover Vision HD Washing Machine Fault Codes

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Hoover washing machine error codes and spare partsAlmost all Hoover Vision range washing machines used these fault codes that we will cover in this article. These are the most common fault codes for Hoover washing machine Vision HD models.

The error code is displayed as a digital code, exactly as you will see below with little variation on most models.

The fault codes for these Hoover Vision washing machines are not exactly brilliant for the general public's use as they really don't offer a lot of help in many cases. For the service engineer they give a steer in the right direction but, that's about it really. Beyond the general meanings it is down to investigation and proper fault diagnosis.

Before you start any investigation of the fault or even remove the lid of the washing machine or washer dryer please read and fully understand this article in full and pay particular attention to the safety and information notices at the bottom of this page as they contain extremely important information!

Please remember to support our site by buying Hoover washing machine spare parts from our spares store and, if you decide that you need an engineer please support the local repairers that help make this site possible, you can search for a Hoover washing machine repairer using the engineer search.

  Hoover Vision Washing Machine Fault Codes

These fault codes are written for washing machine repairers and not for the general public by Hoover and they assume a certain level of competence on the part of the user in diagnostic routines. We have added some notes to try to assist you in determining the nature of the fault you have but, you will still need to investigate each failure on its own merits. For more help and advice on fault finding on a washing machine please refer to our washing machine fault finding guide from this link before you begin.

Please check that any Hoover washing machine spares recommended are suitable for use on your particular model and serial number. If you are unsure about the suitability of any spare part please ask to ensure that you get the correct spares for your washing machine or washer dryer. Please, don't guess or assume as spares can be altered on a production run with the same model number having several different alternative components used.

Error 0

Faulty module or wiring

One of the most unhelpful fault codes we've ever seen, it could mean that anything is wrong!

Basically all the wiring requires checked and the main electronic control for normal operation.

Error 1

Open circuit door interlock

There are two main door interlocks used on the Hoover Vision series, this one and this one. If it is neither of these two please contact us with all the numbers from the rating plate of the machine for further advice.

Error 2

Fill time out, pressure stat or pressure chamber.

Or it might be the water is switched off or a fill valve failure. For fill valves please contact us as a number of them are now keyed to specific models.

Also see the notes on detergent for error code three as they can also apply to this fault code.

Error 3

Drain time-out, blocked filter, pressure stat stuck

Apart from the obvious to check above and letting you know that it's usually this drain pump that's used in the Hoover Vision, also bear in mind the following:

This fault code tells you that the washing machine has detected an overfill situation and, usually, they will stop and drain for safety then report the error code above.

This error can be caused by poor quality detergent or overdosing detergent both leading to excessive foam. This foam traps air in the pressure sensor hose and falsifies the error of an overfill. If this is the case, if you leave the machine for an hour or so and try it again it should then be clear but, whatever you do when you try it again do not put more detergent in the machine.

If this solves it, adjust the detergent quantity or switch to a better quality detergent to prevent it happening again.

Error 4

Anti flood pressure stat, faulty inlet valve


Error 5

NTC fault or module (NTC values 20K @ 25˚C, 2.14K @ 85˚C)

The NTC usually found on these models is this one. This fault code rarely means something other than the NTC being faulty.

Error 6

Faulty module or wiring.

Again, about as helpful as error code one!

Error 7

Motor fault

No detail at all, just that there's some form of error with the motor, this could be as simple as brushes faulty or it could be the full motor. Have a look at the motor brushes first though as that's the most common cause, to see if they are worn down. If they are contact us with the make of the motor and we can probably supply a cheap set of brushes for you or the genuine Hoover Spares ones if available.

Error 8

Tacho fault (CESET=42Ohm, HOOVER=156Ohm, SOLE=184Ohm)

Please check the resistances and, if incorrect then replace either the tacho generator or the motor. Contact us for Hoover spares to do this as there are, as you can see, different type available and we will advise you accordingly.

Error 9

Short circuit motor triac on module

This is a fault code that indicates there is a fault on the main control module.

Error 10

Programme selector

As above.

Error 12

Communication error between boards and wiring

This could mean that there is a fault on the main control module or it could mean that there is a fault on the wiring loom or contacts between the boards if more than one is fitted.

Error 13

Communication error between boards and wiring

As above

  More Hoover Washing Machine Help, Advice & Guidance

Should you need more help and guidance please use the links from this article as most of them will help you to understand your Hoover Vision washing machine a lot better and probably very much help you in diagnosing the fault you have. Of course there are many other articles on the site that will also help you do this.

In addition you can post in our help and advice forums after registering but please do pay heed to the information below before doing so and read the guides, they are there to help you.

You must understand certain things before you begin or attempt any repairs on your own and we want to make these points very, very clear to anyone that decides to investigate one of these or any other washing machines:

  • We are not responsible for your safety, you are and by using this guide you accept that and accept that any damage that you may cause and work undertaken is entirely at your own risk.
  • We will advise the common causes of the fault codes but we cannot guarantee that any parts or work recommended will resolve the issue. It is entirely your responsibility to diagnose your particular problem and resolve it.
  • We are not responsible for you buying spares that do not resolve the problem, this is down to your own diagnosis not ours.
  • No warranty is inferred, implied or given.

You also have to know that fault or error codes are not a "magic bullet", they will not tell you what the problem is, they will only offer you an indication of where the problem lies and they are no substitute for good old fashioned diagnostic skills. You can find out more about what fault codes actually tell you in this article. So please be well aware that, even with this new found knowledge you will still have to actually be capable of investigating and diagnosing the problem and this means adhering to basic appliance safety for working on them.

Please note that manufacturers can and do change fault codes without notice and we cannot guarantee that these error codes will apply to your particular model as all codes apply to a wide range of appliances and not normally any one specific model. To determine if these fault codes do apply to your particular Hoover washing machine model please post a request to confirm this in the forums.

error code e14 on hoover vhd 944
I have a hoover VHD 944 and after each wash get an error code of e14Many thanks
Phil Waterman
HiHave Hoover Vision Tech VT816 D22x Washing Machine showing E04 codeTaken small plastic pipe off pressure valve blown down it no restrictions.Can anyone helpThank you
I had same issue. Seems like program is stuck and cannot complete. I manually finished the cycle by holding down the start button for five seconds. If this still fails turn machine dial to off position hold down start button whilst selecting another cycle (shortest is best)release start button. If it does not automatically start press the start button and let cycle complete and problem should be resolved.
Candice TJ
After a power cut the door lock on my Hoover vision HD 842 will not work. The light flashes although the door is closed so can't start a cycle. Please help, I have a baby due any day now so need machine to be working.
Joan W
Can anyone help, I have a Hoover Vision HD 8KG, and with every wash, the timer saver button keeps flashing and the machine stops, have already cleaned out the filters, so its not that. Its so annoying.
Hi, I have the hoover hd vision 8kg 1400 the door security light has statred to flash and the wash wont start although water is coming throught the pipes but wont fill into the machine??? the macaine must have stopped in the middle of a washing cycle as it was still full of water when we got to it. My electricity did go off yesterday and am wondering if this is whats caused it? I have checked fuses, filters, pump etcall fine, just wont start wash, no error codes??
Hi, I have the hoover hd vision 8kg 1400 the door security light has statred to flash and the wash wont start although water is coming throught the pipes but wont fill into the machine??? The machine had stoped in the middle of the cycle as it was still full of water when we got to it.My electricity did go off yesterday and am wondering if this is whats caused it? I have checked fuses, filters, pump etcall fine, just wont start wash, no error codes??
Hi, I have hover washing machine model WDYN9646pg-30S. When I turned on it shows error code 13. I bought a new program electronic control Tri-ph part number49020064, but this one also not working all the front buttons are not working. Could anyone help please
adrian key
i have a hoover vision hd washing machine and after every wash the stain buster light flashes and door security stays on until I turn the machine to the off position. can anyone help on a diagnoses please

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