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Tumble Dryer Thermostats

Tumble dryer thermostats failing is likely one of the most common types of failure on virtually any make of tumble dryer.

The big problem that we often have is explaining to people why that, in large part, it is often a fault that is user generated through use or failure to use and maintain the tumble dryer correctly. Of course, if people are happy to keep paying us to come and repair their tumble dryers repairers are happy enough to do so but a little care could prevent the hassle and cost.

  Why Tumble Dryer Thermostats Fail

There are various reasons why thermostats fail when you the dryer does and how it operates.

The obvious bit is that the drum tumbles, it may well reverse and a timer (mechanical or electronic) will count down the drying time.

The important bit is that the machine is an airflow.

Your tumbel dryer effectively sucks in cold air, passes it through the heater into the drum, through the tumbling clothes and then will be either blown out through a vent hose or passed over an aluminium condensing element.

The steam is flashed back to water and it is collected in a chamber for the user to empty on a condenser tumble dryer or, the expelled moisture is vented out the vent hose, hence the term, vented dryer.

If the air doesn't flow, the machine can overheat and the safety will trip.

Any obstruction to the rate of airflow will affect the operation of the dryer and almost certainly cause a failure of the thermostat or, the safety thermostat to trip.

  The Tumble Dryer Filter

The label saying “Clean filter after every load" is there for a reason!

a tumble dryer filled with fluff or ooze
People tell us that they clean the filters, we often see a different story. (Photo courtesy of Jim Banks, IADOM)

If you don't clean the fluff or lint filters, don't fit them back properly or use the tumble dryer with damaged or broken filters then the above is what will happen. It isn't a case of "if", but when.

As you can imaging this affects the efficiency of your tumble dryer massively as well as being a massive fire risk. 

But what it also does is restrict airflow (increasing the fire risk) as the temperature is not kept down by cooler air being drawn into the tumble dryer. This increase in temperature can and does, rise high enough to trip out safety thermostats.

  Tumble Dryer Door Channel

This will collect a surprising amount of fluff.

Remove the lint filter and look down through the door; keep it clean.

If you do not keep this area and filter clean and clear then the airflow will become restricted and there is a strong possibility that the thermostats will fail.

  Tumble Dryer Vent Hose

Hopefully, a short, flat run.

If it droops, it may form a U-bend and this can fill with water by condensation.

A long hose rammed back behind the machine may be crushed and not allow air to flow.

  Loading Your Tumble Dryer

Did you really put two double sheets, a duvet cover and four pillowcases in the tumble dryer?

The large items can (and will!) spread across the drum and strangle the airflow.

Just as putting too much in your tumble dyer will affect the airflow, in some cases to dramatic effect and you can read more about overloading in this article.

  Tumble Dryer Condenser Unit

The big assembly of aluminium plates at the bottom of condensing machines.

You can see the front when the cover is removed and it must be kept clean. The shower head or garden hose is very effective for removing the build up of fluff or lint that will get depositede in this area.

  Tumble Dryer Motor

The motor fulfils two functions; it turns the drum and the fan. If it doesn't run, there is no airflow and the safety will fail in seconds.

  Human Error

We will try to break it gently.

The single, commonest reason for the safety thermostat to trip is that people will open the door during the drying cycle.

After 20 minutes, the inside of the dryer is running at 100c plus. The clothes are starting to warm through, steam is coming off. By an hour, they're cooking nicely. The control panel will tell you to set cottons for 90-120 minutes.

If the door is opened after an hour (“To see how they're doing"), the airflow stops, the temperature at the element soars (briefly) and the safety will trip. It happens all the time.

If you have to open the door, set the timer to the propeller symbol and just wait a minute to take the heat off the element and will save you a repair bill. Best bet is to trust the machine to do its job; it will, if used correctly.

Should you need to investigate a “no heat" problem on these machines, please remember to pull the plug before removing any panel.

  Hotpoint Tumble Dryer “No Heat" Problem

First things first, from 1991 to 2004, these full size machines were all variations on 3 basic designs theywere sold under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Ariston brands.

The early versions had a door glass, later ones used the full width solid door, with a filter and air channel through it.

At the same time, temperature control at the heater was altered to comprise a control thermostat and a “one time" safety thermostat. When these fail, they must be replaced as a pair; they are supplied as a kit by The Indesit Company and are all available through the spares store facility on UKWhitegoods.

  The Tumble Dryer Spares To Fix It

It's relatively easy to fix the heater and thermostats on these machines, with the power off of course and the spares are all available from UK Whitegoods.

There are two flavours of common heater on these machines which you can find on the online shop in the relevant section but please check the wattage before you order one or ask us to check when you do order.

The most popular Hotpoint and Creda thermostat kits are here

The section for tumble dryer spare parts you can get to from this link

Hoover dryer
Hi my dryer is not drying the clothes I have to continually turn it on it seems to be running for ten minutes then finish . The heater is working ok could it be the thermostat ?
Crusader tumble dryer
My Crusader tumble dryer was working fine and then it tripped the power. So I replaced the heater and the thermostats but it still trips. So I unconnected the heater element and ran the dryer with no problem but as soon as I reconnected the heater it tripped. What else could be the problem? There is a high/low heat switch, could this be the problem? If so where do I get one as all the spares sites don\'t appear to list it.
Kay walker
I have a white knight electronic sensing 6kg and it runs for a while then lights flash and it stops after a while it will start again but not working well at all ???? B b
Hi i have a hotpoint tumble dryer and its only blowing out cool air how do i fix this
Mr n heggarty
I'm having problems with my Miele Tumbel Dryer Model T430 novotronic when drying cloths the door pops open after about 5 to 10 mins could this be the thermostat or have you any Idea's
steve raine
I have a white knight tumble dryer. Towards the end of the cycle, as thermostat turns off, it makes a horrible noise as the contacts seem to turn on and off several times per second for a few seconds. The green gas on light flashes in sync with this. Any ideas? Thanks
hi,i have a whirlpool awz7319, it runs for a while appears to be getting warm but after a while an error occurs..the first two lights are flashing red then there are three green solid lights and the last light is flashing red..i have tried the software reset putting dial at the bottom pressing start three times the clockwise click then start three times again but it has not cured anything..anyone have any ideas where to go from here?many thanks
Paul Tidser
Hi ...I have a zanussi tumble dryer mod no TC7102W. The problem is ; there is no heat when drum is tumbling. Now, I'm assuming its the heating element that's blown and or possibly the thermostat. Could you please explain how I get access to these parts.Much obligedPaul
hot point
hi there i have changed heaters and thermostats.dryer tumbling but only for about 3 mins, then it trips out. it will start again then same again. can u help please.
gavin grainger
Hi I have a servis easydry drier model m200w-1 975115429 the drier spins as it should but no heat to dry the clothes where is the element? as I'm presuming it's this thats at fault thank you

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