Washing Machine Repair Guides

Washing machine help section for washing machine and washer dryer repair guides Tutorials and guides on how washing machines work, what commonly goes wrong with washing machines and how you can repair a washing machine yourself. All the top washing machine and washer dryer issues you will find in this section.

The tutorials and guides are designed to help you to disagnose the problem with your washing machine and give insight into the diagnostic procedure.

Note that the washing machine tutorials are generic and the exact details may vary from your own washing machine or washer dryer but the general principles will almost always be the same.

Most of the common issues are covered in these repair guides but more specific fault code information may be available in the fault code section.

For addtional help or specific advice if required please use our forums and not the comments section on the guides.

1 Common Washing Machine Problems And Cures 47723
2 Door Glass Failures 4720
3 Fabric Softener Issues 40014
4 Fault Finding On Washing Machines 88845
5 General Principals Of The Automatic Washing Machine 10312
6 Holes In Clothes: Mechanical Causes 14853
7 Holes In Clothes: The Main Causes 17307
8 How A Washing Machine Really Works 4120
9 How To Access Washing Machine Bearings 9546
10 How To Fit A Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket 40392
11 How To Repair A Washing Machine 18964
12 How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Lock 13355
13 How To Replace A Washing Machine Drum Paddle 21987
14 How To Replace A Washing Machine Water Valve 17717
15 How To Replace Washing Machine Drum Bearings 72001
16 Intermittent Leaking On Washing Machines 15482
17 Mould Lumps In A Washing Machine 20446
18 Not Spinning 66941
19 Overloading A Washing Machine 24640
20 Poor Wash Results From Your Washing Machine 2119
21 Soap Drawer Leaking 11045
22 The Number One Washing Machine Fault 6629
23 Timer, Control Module Or Programmer Faulty 26572
24 Variable Wash Times 3625
25 Washer Dryers General Principles 8592
26 Washing Machine Bouncing or Vibration 38312
27 Washing Machine Drain Pumps 55973
28 Washing Machine Drive Belts 10933
29 Washing Machine Installation Fault Advice 9200
30 Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes 48297
31 Washing Machine Overfoaming Or Oversudsing 7664
32 Washing Machine Soap Powders 9159
33 Washing Machine Will Not Drain 53911
34 Washing Machines Backfilling From Waste Pipe 23162


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