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Help and advice about common spare parts for most appliances as well as notes on how to buy spare parts and guidance on fitting the part as well as advice on how to avoid having the same spares fail again in many cases.

Washing machine spares, dishwasher spares, fridge freezer spares, cooker and oven spares and much more is available in our store.

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1 Appliance Spare Parts Availability And The Law 4381
2 Appliance Spare Parts Supplies 115606
3 Appliance Spares Delivery Times 1117
4 Are You Sure You Want That Control Module? 14327
5 Cooker And Oven Control Knobs 3571
6 Cooker And Oven Door Hinges 2838
7 Cooker And Oven Door Seals 4159
8 Cooker And Oven Heating Elements 3770
9 Cooker And Oven Shelves Or Grill Pans 3516
10 Cooker And Oven Thermostats 2594
11 Cooker Hood Grease And Carbon Filters 13671
12 Dishwasher Cutlery Baskets 1829
13 Dishwasher Wash Pumps 1657
14 Dishwasher Water Drain Pump 4701
15 Domestic Appliance Modifications 3715
16 Domestic Appliance Spares Pricing 7180
17 Freezer Storage Drawer And Basket Parts 3295
18 Fridge & Freezer Door Hinges 672
19 Fridge And Freezer Door Seals 4317
20 Fridge And Freezer Plastic Spare Parts 2922
21 Fridge And Freezer Thermistors 1996
22 Fridge And Freezer Thermostats 23790
23 Fridge Freezer Water Filters 4663
24 Gas Hob Spare Parts Identification Help 7535
25 Returning Spare Parts 1671
26 Spare Part Fitting Instructions 476
27 The Quality Of Appliance Spare Parts 8465
28 Tips For Finding Spare Parts 416
29 Tumble Dryer Drive Belts 3828
30 Tumble Dryer Heating Elements 6083
31 Tumble Dryer Thermostats 4545
32 Vacuum Cleaner Bags 2786
33 Washing Machine Bearings 3992
34 Washing Machine Carbon Brushes 3888
35 Washing Machine Door Seals 2942
36 Washing Machine Drive Belts 2338
37 Washing Machine Drum Paddles 8847
38 Washing Machine Fault Diagnosing 7022
39 Washing Machine Timers Or Electronic Control Units 2291
40 Washing Machine Water Drain Pumps 2846
41 Washing Machine Water Heating Elements 1217
42 Washing Machine Water Inlet Valves 7320
43 Why We Cannot Give You Specific Appliance Technical Information 4281


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