Domestic Appliance Spare Parts

Help and advice about common spare parts for most appliances as well as notes on how to buy spare parts and guidance on fitting the part as well as advice on how to avoid having the same spares fail again in many cases.

Washing machine spares, dishwasher spares, fridge freezer spares, cooker and oven spares and much more is available in our store.


General Spare Part Information

General help and advice that applies to many if not most spare parts such as hints and tips on finding parts, the best ways to go about that, legal position with spare parts, modifications and more that will apply to parts from all the different products that have specific areas in this section of the site.

Washing Machine Spare Parts

General advice and information about spare parts for washing machines including how to test spare parts, general diagnostic assistance and recommendations for obtaining the spare part that you might need.

Fridge & Freezer Spare Parts

Information on spare parts for fridges, freezer and fridge freezers including the like of built in or integrated refrigeration and American style fridge freezers.

Articles in this section cover general spare part advice relating to cooling products as well as how to fit and test certain spare parts in generic terms.

Oven, Cooker & Hob Spare Parts

Advice on how to search for spare parts for your oven, cooker or hob as well as fitting and testing help for commonly used spares.

Dishwasher Spare Parts

Help and advice on how to look for dishwasher spare parts along with generic help on testing, diagnosing and fitting common dishwasher spares.

Tumble Dryer Spare Parts

Help and advice relating to tumble dryer spare parts

Cooker Hood Spare Parts

Cooker hood filter and spare parts advice and help articles

Can't Find What You're Looking For? Need More Appliance Help?

Getting help for appliances, buying spare parts for any appliance or getting a service engineer can range from the simplest task in the world to one of the most daunting as you try to pick your way through model numbers, serial numbers, ranges and all sorts of information. We try to make this all as simple as possible for you and take out any hassle but, sometimes, we know that we all need a little help from the experts.

Get technical help for your washing machine, dishwasher, cooker and other appliances in our help and support forums To get support with a  technical query then please use our appliance forums
Get spares help and advice for washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, tumble dryers and more from our spare parts experts Contact us for  spare parts using our online spares support desk

Find Even More Appliance Information

Get more information targetted on your needs for domestic appliance faults, spare parts and repairs using the custom Google search below which will search our forums, the spare parts store and all articles.


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Appliance help and support forums where you can talk to actual domestic appliance engineers about washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridge freezers and more
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