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  Finding Appliance Spare Parts

There are a number of different tricks to finding spare parts and, finding them as easily and cheaply as possible.

By following these simple tips you should be able to find most parts with relative ease.

  Asking us about parts can often get you correct parts first time, options and lower prices

  Brand > Model > Code > Part

When looking for spare parts there is a prescribed path for the vast majority of parts that is used throughout the industry.

First you need to know the make or brand of the product that you need a spare part for.

Next and, this is really important, you need to know the model number. To get that correct, locate the serial or rating plate of the appliance and take the information from there.

Do not trust user guides or instruction manuals as they will normally be generic and will apply to a range of appliances, not just the one you own.

Sometimes you will also need the serial number, production code or service number and that can only be obtained from the rating plate.

This will allow you (or us) to find the parts you need that fit your appliance.

  If You Read Nothing Else, Read This!

Finidng spare parts was not designed for the public at all by any manufacturer. Ever! These are systems designed to be used by people that are technical, know what they are doing and have a working knowledge of how the industry works which is probably (almost certainly), not you!

So, our advice, if you are even a tiny, teeny little bit unsure then ask, doing that is cheaper, faster and a whole heap less hassle than making a mistake!

  Model Number Meaning

The fastest way to bring up a list of parts for a model is to search the model number but, this can be a bit odd if you’re not used to the industry.

Usually you will have a model number like WMA765S. Let’s show you what that means normally and how to use it to your advantage.

The first part, WMA, is the series.

This small simple code designates the range and, whilst there are parts that will often the same across a range there are some changes or there would be no call for different models. In other words, do not take it for granted that parts used will all be the same as they often aren’t.

The second part is 765.

This is the actual model number within that range.

On the end you will usually have the “S” in this case or a couple of digits that designate the colour or variant.

Do watch out though as many people search for a Logixx, Select 600, Farmhouse and a load of other generic range terms that can apply to scores or even thousands of different models in some cases. These names are not models at all and almost always will offer you no help at all.

  Better Results Searching For Spare Parts

Now you know that you can often search by omitting the end digits first because, if it isn’t a cosmetic part that is colour dependent the chance are that most functional parts will pop up if we just search “WMA765”.

We do this all the time, saves a lot of hassle and often gets better results.

It also eliminates records that might be mislabelled as well in many cases as, don’t always assume that what you see is the actual search term.

Let us explain what we mean by that, sometimes when the records are generated for models the model will be published as “WMA 765 S” or, “WMA765 S” or, “WMA 765S” which confuses the search engines on this site and others. What you will get back all the time (usually) is a broad term match which is usually good enough but if you are struggling sometimes trying these combinations will help.

Where we can, we try to take out the spaces on our store as, it’s just easier.

  Getting Cheaper Spare Parts

You will see on our site and many other that you will often be offered alternative parts. You can read a lot more about these in a dedicated article about compatible spare parts as for the purpose of this piece a lot of that isn’t needed.

What you will see is that suppliers broadly fall into two camps, those that make it abundantly clear that you are not getting the genuine replacement spare part from the manufacturer and, those that do not make it clear at all.

We have occasionally had people complain about our price on the store as opposed to someone on Ebay, Amazon or wherever only to find that the parts being sold one, were not being supplied by us at all and, two, were non-genuine items that were not exactly the most clear listings.

It is easy to get confused.

We make it very clear whether a part is genuine or not and, if there is any doubt whatsoever we are more than happy to tell you whatever we can about any spare part.

  Part Number Confusion

Wherever possible we use what is known as the “OPN”, Original Part Number.

This is the part number used by the actual manufacturer or brand owner to identify spare parts.

A lot of people seem to use their own part numbers and do not list using the OPN. What this does is try to eliminate confusion over part number changes which is perfectly okay, if annoying at times but in a lot of cases it is to try to make sure you cannot price compare or go to other suppliers.

Quite why anyone does this we really don’t get.

But with an OPN you can then search for any cheaper compatible spare parts it we haven’t tagged them for you already.

If you get a part number from somewhere else, there’s a very good chance it will not be an OPN and you often won’t be able to find out much at all.

  More Spare Part Help

We are of course always happy to help you find a spare part for any appliance wherever we can.

The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because that way we can send you photos, parts diagrams and links to parts and we cannot do that over the phone.

If you follow the tips above though, for a good many spare parts, you might not need our assistance.

Anne Doherty
oven bulb.
Looking for oven bulb for Montpellier built in oven.
Model NO. SF071MB

mr ian wells
Hi, I have an Icepoint freezer model ICE110W. It is icing up and I suspect the thermostat. If the front of the plastic drawers was missing, would this cause a similiar problem?Can you supply a new thermostat? Thank You. MR I J WELLS
Fan Motor
I need a replacement fan for a Tecnik range oven, model number TKC1495.

Drain pump filter
Hi. I am looking for a drain pump filter for a login washing machine model no. L712wm13.
Hope you can help

Hi Steve,

You can't get one, only a full pump assembly is available and even that's limited stock.

Kim Matthews
Belling Countrychef 100G Range cooker
Is there an alternative for the part coded 007 for the above cooker? This is a part for the grill section of the cooker. I understand it's now obsolete. Cooker code is 444445946. I've been told by an engineer that my cooker (grill section) cannot be repaired so wondered if another part was available.
Glynis Parker
I am look to repair my Liebherr fridge door seal
Model Number KSN 3545
Service Number 9970104-00

Helen Hill
Frigidaire spare part
Hi, do you have in stock a bottle shelf for Frigidaire fridge freezer model number FC55196s. Thank you
Sorry Helen that part is obsolete with no alternatives that would work for it.
Joan Roseblade
Fagor fridge
Broken bottle door shelf on Fagor FIC542. HELP can\'t find one anywhere. Thank you.

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