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  Fridge And Freezer Door Gaskets

Fridge parts can be a bit of a nightmare for spares suppliers as it is very easy for people to choose the wrong part. This applies to both diagnosing faults with refrigeration and choosing to replace the wrong part or, just not picking up on the correct model number and guessing that internal plastic shelves especially, are all the same.

This article covers the non-electrical parts, so thermostats etc. are not covered here, only plastics and seals.

You will see many times in this article myself telling you to find the model number. The reason for this is really simple, I'm trying to ensure that you understand what breaks, often how it breaks, how to avoid it breaking and when it does break and you need a spare part, that you get the correct spare part.

In almost every fridge or freezer you will find the rating plate inside the machine stuck to one of the walls or on or around the door, they usually don't take a lot of effort to find. For most fridges or fridge freezers you will find the serial and model information on the left hand wall at the salad drawer.

  No Size Information For Fridge And Freezer Seals

One of the most common things that people do is give us the size of a fridge or freezer door seal, plastic or glass shelf when they are looking for a spare part. In virtually every instance we don't have this information and we cannot get it from the manufacturer, all we see is a part number and a brief description, such as "2603075 - Door Shelf" on the parts lookups.

That's it, that's all we get!

We don't get the dimensions and, more often than not, we don't get much more than a generic diagram which will apply to many models, like the one below from a Diplomat fridge, which gives practically no detail at all.


example of a spares diagram that shows the internal parts of a fridge

  Fridge & Fridge Freezer Spare Parts

The Plastic Bottle Door Shelf Or Tray

This is one of the most common parts used in a fridge or fridge freezer as, quite simply, they take a lot of abuse day in, day out. The plastic door shelves will often crack and many people assume that they are poor quality and just break, that's certainly party true, especially on low cost fridges, but it is also the case that people drop full bottles or cartons of milk etc. into them and this only hastens the self breaking.

If you want your bottle shelf to last longer then gently place bottles into it and try not to drop them in. Also, don't overload them; they will generally not have been designed to carry huge weights from a lot of very heavy bottles or cartons. If you think about how much say a 2 litre carton of orange juice, a 2 or four litre bottle of milk and the rest that people often pack onto these plastic trays weigh you quickly realise that the plastics are always under load and stress. Drop something in there under those conditions, such as a bottle of wine and many of them will break.

The trick is, don't overload the bottle tray!

Following these simple pieces of advice will make your plastic fridge bottle shelf last a lot longer.

However, all these bottle shelves are different for different machines and you absolutely must, in almost every single case, have the model number of the fridge or fridge freezer to ensure you get the correct bottle shelf. They may even be different in the same fridge where there is more than one fitted so you also need to know the positions of the self, such as second from the bottom or bottom door shelf.

So please, before you order a new door shelf, make sure that you have picked the correct one for your fridge or simply email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the model number and part you need and we'll do the rest for you.

Fridge & Freezer Door Seals

These you MUST have the model number for!

All door seals are different for different models and we do not have any measurement information at all. Even if we did, there are quite literally thousands of different seals so the model number is absolutely essential if you want a new fridge or freezer door seal.

Due to the high number of seals available it is common that these days they will come from a central European spares hub as almost no-one keeps them in stock due to this as well as the shear space they take up. Most door seals we can have in a few day though from most manufacturers.

If the one you need is no longer available there will be no alternative. We cannot measure up for one similar or use one from another machine as you won't know whether t will fit or not until you try to fit the part.

You can get a universal fridge or freezer door seal as a spare part but we'd advise against it in most cases, even although we have sold them and will when we can get them, we still advise against it. The reason is simple, they are a royal pain to fit, they can be a nightmare to get the corners to seal properly and they take an age to fit.

Fridge & Freezer Door Seals - Part 2

There is another problem with fridge and freezer door seals these days and that is that, quite often now, they're not available as a separate part at all. You have to buy a complete new door as they are, what is referred to in the trade, as being "foamed in".

What this means is that, when the door is made, the seal is effectively slipped on around the inner plastic panel of the door, the metal outer held against that and insulating foam is then injected into the space. This foam acts as both the insulation in the door as well as the glue that holds the whole door together. Once again it's cheaper and faster to manufacture this way even if it does make replacing the door seal impossible or, at best, awkward.

Some of these sorts of foamed doors as we cal them, can have the seal only replaced but it does take care and a lot of patience to do the job. You also have to get it right or the seal won't seal properly and you can have temperature problems in the fridge or freezer and/or ice problems as warm air is allowed into the cavity.

But, with a little care and attention, it is possible to change them in some cases. However if you request a fridge or freezer door seal and we tell you it is only supplied as a complete door, that's it, there's no alternative.

If you are not sure please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can look up the part you need and give you prices on it as well as often advising on what type of seal it is.

Alison Branch
Freezer door seal
Good afternoon,
I'm looking for a replacement seal for a Skandiluxe chest freezer.
Model: CF359
Serial: 62815311
Thank you

Su Marriage
Replacement chest freezer seal
Good afternoon,
I\'m looking for a replacement seal for a Skandiluxe chest freezer.
Model: CF359
Serial: 53217968
Thank you

Gerry ONeill
Hi im looking for a Norfrost chest freezer C6AEW door seal
R Rampke
Looking for replacement Door seal for model GG1550 the part number of the door seal is 71097575 please advise on price and delivery.
Bert Routledge
I have Coolzone freezer model CZ 51501.It is less than 4 years old but the door seal is damaged and I cannot source a replacement. Can you help?
Wayne R. King
Hi I am looking for the top door hinge for a Brandt BR-301 integrated Fridge. The door is mounted on the left hand side (looking at the appliance). ThanksWayne
Hi Martin,You would be better to email spares@ukwhiteg for spares supplies but that seal looks to be available to order only and about £50 excl. VAT and carriage. And, it can be replaced as a separate item but it is expensive.Regards
Dear Sir/Madam,I have a split in my freezer door and think I may have to replace it. Please could tell me if (a) the seal exists separate from the (not foamed-in) and (b) how much I should expect to pay.The make and model is: WHIRLPOOL ARC 5020Many Thanks,Martin

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