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Often we think we need to have a conversation with people about this topic as we'll often be asked for the drum suspension springs and dampers all at once which is indicative that the person asking, to put it as kindly as we can, doesn't know what the problem is.

See, here's the thing about people (including trade) ordering multiple unrelated parts... they don't all fail at the same time.

Drum Springs

washing machine drum springThe thing about drum springs is that they don't do, in most machines, what people think that they do.

Not understanding that is the first issue with resolving washing machine vibration issues normally.

The upper springs, unless they are physically damaged will almost certainly not be faulty. They don't stretch or whatever you might be thinking if you're reading this and trying to work out what's wrong with your washing machine.

If they're snapped, bent or just busted up then sure, change them. If not, don't as you don't need them.

The upper springs for most all modern washing machines are there to stabilise the drum as it moves and to return it to the proper position, they do not dampen vibration they don't perform much in the way of damping vibration.

There are a few that can be a problem but, as a general rule, they're not.

All the hard work is done by the dampers.

Washing Machine Shock Absorbers

washing machine damperThe dampers, as most correctly call them as they "dampen" vibration and soak that up to make the machine run smoothly but you'll see them commonly referred to as shock absorbers, probably as people view them like shock absorbers on a car and they kinda look the same (ish!). But, they don't actually soak up shocks as such, the dampen the vibration from the movement of the drum.

These come in several flavours with a move in recent years to plastic ones that are, will we say to our minds, not as durable as the old tough as boots ones that were largely all metal. But the drive to make stuff ever and ever cheaper has taken its toll here as well and near all are cheap plastic ones now.

The only good news there is, you can often get them cheap even if they don't last as long.

You can also see them fitted, normally in a pair or in a set of four in higher-end machines that run more smoothly and on the very odd occasion, a set of three.

They might all look alike but do not be fooled, they are not!

There are different loadings on them and they come in all manners of different sizes, there are scores and scores of them and you need the correct set for the model based on the sizes and the drum capacity. Get the wrong ones and you'll get massive issues so check and make sure you get the correct replacements.

Do not replace one!

Replace them all in one go.

There are reasons for this but the simplest way to put it is, if one's gone the other(s) are not far behind and you won't know if any others are also a bit dodgy so, best practice is just to change them all at once.

After you do that and check for other problems, then look at the springs but don't bother buying springs till you do the dampers as chances are, they will not be needed.

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