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  Oven Shelves & Trays

Typical oven chrome wire shelfIt's really common for us to be asked to supply a spare oven wire rack, wire shelf or an extra one as quite often a new cooker or oven will only come with one in it. This is actually normal practice and really just a way to keep costs down and, as you read through this article you'll understand why that is.

Many of the spare parts discussed here can be found in the cooking section of the online store under universal spares or you can simply click this link to go straight there

  A Wire Oven Rack, A Tray Or Liner

Wire Oven Shelves

The first thing that you need to know is that often, when we tell people how much these things cost, we ask if people are sitting down first or have a resuscitation unit to hand. It really is that bad, yes.

Internal oven parts are usually hugely expensive.

For a wire oven shelf you can usually start thinking on spending the best part of £30-40 and upwards of that.

Why they are so expensive we're really not sure, they just are and it's almost every manufacturer that is expensive for these sorts of parts so we have to assume it is something to do with the way that they are made or treated. Having said that, to survive spills, the heat of an oven and have things dragged over them the chrome coating has to be pretty robust or they would look bad in a very short space of time.

But then, most parts that have any sort of chrome finish (or stainless steel) seem to be massively overpriced.

Thankfully there are alternatives available. In the online spares store we have a few universal oven shelves that should suit most ovens and they are a LOT cheaper than the original ones and yet still do the job.

Baking Trays

These are easy and usually not that expensive although some for the more upmarket range cookers can be positively frightening prices. Having said that, again, they do have to put up with a fair bit of punishment and so tend to be pretty robust things.

Also, even if you go looking at cookware, you find that good baking trays are not what you would exactly class as being cheap it should therefore come as little surprise that the baking trays that manufacturers provide are not cheap.

Thankfully there are many ways to get around the manufacturers silly prices on this front and there are alternatives available in our store as well as from many cookware specialists.

Oven Liners

You will often see what they call "catalytic" or "self-cleaning" liners fitted to many ovens, especially on freestanding cookers. These are often a sort of matt rough type liner that the oven shelves will rest on but there are some that can have a smooth finish.

The golden rule with these liners and, the reason we mostly get asked for them as a replacement part, is that cleaning products should NEVER, EVER be used on them. If you do get any cleaner on them, even by accident, then they will never ever work again. You can often see it as they will look as if there is a residue on them, often white, that cannot be removed. If you get that you need new liners.

Now the really bad news, these oven liners are truly scary prices!

you do not want to be replacing them if you can possibly avoid it as they are so expensive and they are also model specific, we will need the model number to get you a price on these parts.

  Grill Pans, Trivets & Handles

Grill Pan Handles

These come in two basic flavours usually, either the wire kind or the plastic ones. The plastic ones get brittle and break a lot, especially when you leave them in the oven or grill area while you cook and they get a good roasting, that will shorten their life.

Most of these grill handles aren't that expensive really and pretty readily available although they can be very model specific if you want the replacement to fit the grill pan itself.

We do stock some of the more common and generic grill pan handles but many specific ones are ordered as they are required but usually they only take a few days at most to get to you.

Grill Pans

Grill pans themselves on the other hand are generally not cheap!

If you can use one of the universal ones from the shop we'd say do so as the original one will be an expensive item to replace as a general rule. In saying that, there's no harm in asking as some of the original grill pans are relatively reasonably priced, just don't be surprised if it does seem very expensive.

Where the use of the universal pans fall down of course is where they don't fit into the runners on the side of the oven to fit. Then you are faced with two choices, get the proper one and all is well or you get a universal one and sit it on one of the oven shelves.

Grill Pan Trivets

In case you don't know what is meant by a trivet, it's the (usually) chrome wire rack that sits inside the grill pan which you would usually place food onto in order to cook it. They are usually supplied separately from the grill pan itself (don't ask us why, we're baffled by that one as well) and again, they are usually not the cheapest of items to buy.

Normally it's upwards of about £20 for one of these trivets but they have been known to be knocking on for nearly £60!

  Model Number Usually Required

For a lot of the spare parts mentioned in this article you will need the model number to make sure you get the correct part.

For most you will find the model number printed on the rating plate that you will normally find inside the door, on the top on some, such as some Diplomat models or on the back.

Without the model number and, sometimes even the serial number or PNC, it may not be possible to identify the correct element that you need.

Once you have that if it is possible and are not sure which heating element that you need simply email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll point you in the direction of the correct spare part for your cooker or oven.

  Finding Oven Shelves

Finding a ew oven shelf or any other oven spare part in our online shop is easy, simply go to the shop using this link that will open a new window or tab (or the ones below) then type in the model number of your cooker or oven into the "Search" box. Press search and it will bring up all the parts we've used on that particular model.

You can of course narrow the returns by adding "shelf", "grill pan" or "grill handle" to the search, just as you would in the likes of Google, to look for a specific spare part.

  Delivery Times

Many parts that are in the online store we physically hold in stock and are often shipped the same day that we receive your order. Even if it is a spare part that isn't so common we would usually have most within a day or two and it would ship the same day it was received.

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