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  Pan Support Stands

Gas hob pan supports

Pans supports or pot stands will normally only be seen fitted to gas hob whether as a built in gas hob or as an integral part of a freestanding gas or duel fuel cooker.

Normally they will come for a single gas hob burner or for two, it would be most uncommon to see any other configuration but they come in all manners of shapes and sizes.

This items are unique to the particular hob top and often burner pattern on that specific model and they will normally not be interchangeable with others.

The stands are specifically shaped to fit the indentations on the hob top itself isn for built in hobs to avoid any control panels and they much offer a stable working area for pots and pans to rest on. If they did not then there could be a danger of pots or pans tipping over and spilling.

The height is also very important as the pot or pan has to sit at exactly the correct hight for the heat from the flame to get to the item but to not allow it to touch the flame or to burn improperly. If it does then there is a real danger of both burning out your pots but also of CO poisoning.

For these reasons when seeking a replacement pan support you must ensure that you get the correct one to suit your model. There is no such thing as a universal pan support and given the nature of them no way that there ever could be.

Do not order these items without checking that it is suitable for your model of cooker or built in hob.

Pan Support Rubbers

Gas hob pan support rubber footVery often on a lot of more modern built in hobs and cookers you will find small rubber (more silicon based stuff) that will be glued onto the bottom of the pan support.

These stop any movement in the support from causing scratching or wearing on the hob top as movement can cause damage to the enamel coating or metal surface of the hob top. They also provide a little bit of height to the pan support so, as per above, it’s best to make sure that they are where they should be.

Yet again these are not generic, they are model or range specific and they are generally not interchangeable. You need to get the correct ones.

Success where they are missing, no longer available or whatever has been had using Sugru (usually black) that is available in our store to repair a pan support foot or several. You do need at least one original though so that you can get the height correct when you make a replacement.

As ever, if you are struggling just ask for help on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our utmost to assist you find the replacement spare parts you need.

Pan supports Siemens
In need of pan support for Siemens ER70423eu/03. Can you help?
Catherine Duff
Miele gas hob parts
Having great difficulty finding the replacement silicone rubber supports for my four burner pan supports. Can you help me with my search?
HI Catherine,

You will only be able to get those from Miele.

Catherine Duff
miele gas hob silicon/rubber support
Miele gas hob silicone rubber pads - can you help me find them?
Vanette 4000/2
Require rubber/silicone heat resistant feet that fit each corner of the pan rest on the hob.
That\'s one I\'ve no idea where you would get parts for!

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